Sunday, 7 March 2021

A lovely, sunny, outdoors type of Sunday out there

You might like to keep a copy of this handy for when you go shopping or to a park:

... and for when this sort of thing happens:

That's very interesting - one protected species in the UK having an altercation with another protected species - who has precedence?


  1. There are too many uppity police women.
    There are too many police and pcso people if they can afford to spend their time doing this to the general public who are trying to go about their lives in a peaceful way. There's obviously not enough real crime for them to deal with. I hope the man made a formal complaint about her ignorance of the law and the disrespect she shows to people.

    1. Wonder if they have any idea at all that they're as detested as an Oprah markle interviews?

  2. That clown isn't even a real cop, she's a PCSO. I'd love to see this challenged in a court of law.

  3. He should have told her to stop touching her mask. Filthy sow contaminating everything she touches!


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