Sunday 16 June 2024

Waking up … the process

This post is about how we, the soc-med pundits, get a topic to you, especially with changing platform rules in relation to one another, plus their relationships with users themselves. 

It’s about how, if you, the reader, are only privy to certain platforms, sites and channels … and then we attempt to discuss or “argue”, we’re coming from different knowledge bases, which can then get controntational … which is stoopid and a waste of all our time.

This post is also about the issue itself, the topic, so let’s get down to it. It starts on Gab, who quote Wall Strret Apes: … plus I’ve attempted to embed the video of her. Failing that, this is what was said:

There was nothing easy in posting that across three platforms … and soon a fourth, as the media does not translate across properly. 

For example, that space above, from “Latina influencer” to “June 15, 2024” is actually the embedded video … can you see it? If not, then you might need one of the links.

The easiest way is to be on Gab and X, plus have access to OoL, plus to cross-visit … then you have a variety to choose from, should one or more fail.

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