Thursday 13 June 2024

Lessons for us in the French Euro shenanigans

This post is based on reader/author, France based DAD, on the current French  political shenanigans, posted at a site called NOWP, which is the reader’s contribution/article site attached to the one I compile, called ONO.

Point is … the article is item 8 at:

… and is best read there, along with other French dweller IYE’s post items on the French and European situation at ground level.  Below is my commentary from the NW of England …

Never a dull moment in French politics since Macron’s announcement of the dissolution of parliament..

a) The ‘Left’ have managed to cobble together an alliance; but how long will it last?

My eye was drawn to one of those groups …  France Unbowed … a complete lie in itself. The left are unprincipled charlatans in Europe, switching quickly to another name, another attempt to capture that vital middle ground of voters … just change your name, give yourself a populist sounding name, even though your politics are far left communism.

b) Whereas on the right there is squabbling. 

b1) Eric Ciotti (President of ‘Les Republicans’ centre right party) is at loggerheads with the other leaders of his party. He has instituted a referendum of members to join with Marine Le Pen’ party [RN] in the upcoming elections. Within a few hours he had 10,000 supporters.

The term we used at the start of OoL was “unherdable cats” … where we’re all sooo independent over an array of issues that we just can’t combine to save our lives, though the left, whilst splintering into factions (see Python’s Life of Brian) still dutifully obey the word from above, all combine, all vote the same way, shutting out “the right”.

Another way of putting it is that the right dtands on principles, inc. Christian principles, while the left have none … they just have what the Narrative tells them to think.

Another unfortunate feature of country first, ordinary people first populist groups (the left call these far right) is that career pollies such as Hamilton, Tice, even Nigel, claw their way into the “leadership” and it becomes about them. UKIP is currently appalling this way … it’s owned by its funder who chose first one girl, then another, as beloved leader.

This is why the left, in the public eyes, and the MSM’s, buy the far right tag applied to anyone not agreeing with the globopsycho narrative.

b2 Marion Maréchal, Guillaume Peltier, Nicolas Bay and Laurence Trochu excluded themselves from our movement, Reconquest….”

Yeees.  Know why? Because Zenmour is a place-leader … in the US, a RINO, in the UK … a Tory wet, like Mordor herself and now Andrea Jenkyns pretending to be Reformist.  Waited till now to do it.

b3) After the events of recent days, Marion Maréchal had warned that a choice was available to her and that she would not let this historic opportunity pass and to participate in a union of the right…

Still early days on Marion imho. Her positions are very much populist ones, without the politician tag, Zenmour is not popular across France, Le Pen is … with one small problem.

Le Pen is a socialist in her stances. She combines that with being national.

While the left alliance are far left communist, doing the will of globopsycho, otherwise known as WEF, Build Back Better, Great Work of Ages etc. … they change the names frequently.


  1. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that the lefties spend more time thinking up new names and new slogans that they do thinking up ways to improve the lives of ordinary people.
    I suppose when the only objective is destruction, then nothing else matters.

  2. Socialist and nationalist.

    Isn't that gaullism?


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