Wednesday 3 April 2024

"Your scientists were so preoccupied by whether or not they could...."

"...that they didn't stop to think if they should."
A trans woman has been helped to breastfeed her grandchild, in what is thought to be a world first.
The unidentified 50-year-old was helped to express up to 30ml of milk at a time, after a four week course of hormone treatment.
Researchers from Duke University reported the woman ‘lactated for a total of two weeks’ and was able to feed the four-month-old baby.
The motivation for inducing lactation was to create a ‘bond from breastfeeding that she had not been able to experience with her own five children’.
And we revile Dr Frankenstein? Not sure why. He was clearly a rank amateur. And at least he never used a live child as a prop in his revolting experiments. You know who did? Dr Mengele. And if he'd been caught, he'd have been hanged. If that's who you want to emulate, Duke University researches, god help you. 
‘The patient tearfully reported this was a significant and emotional experience for her that felt very different from formula feeding her other children. ‘She states she has a special bond with this baby for which she is grateful.
‘The patient did not experience any side effects from her treatment regimen.

What the hell is wrong with the actual mother allowing her child to be subjected to this? If the scientists are blinded by personal glory, what's her excuse? 

The issue of trans women breastfeeding is subject to controversy – gender-critical campaigners described the study as ‘absolutely shocking’.

The ordinary person on the street would, I'm sure, have a more pithy, and more accurate, response.  


  1. ‘The patient did not experience any side effects from her treatment regimen.’

    Maybe, but the effect on the patient should not be the priority here.

    Given that breastfeeding mothers are warned off alcohol and many prescription drugs because of the potential transfer of chemicals in breast milk, it seems beyond belief that this was allowed to happen. (As an illustration of how dramatic this transfer can be, when one of my children developed a cows’ milk allergy soon after birth; if I consumed any dairy products whatsoever - even a splash of milk in a cup of tea - the symptoms would invariably appear soon after the next feed.)

  2. Where to start on this one eh?

    Think I've got it. A bloke with body dysmorphia allows himself to be mutilated and used as a guinea pig. Not content with his own self-inflicted mind-f*ck he then proceeds to do goodness know what to his grandchild aided and abetted by so-called medical experts.

    Imagine the grandchild's future if you can. I can't.



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