Thursday 18 April 2024

Mento imperialism

 The old term for it was calypso but that in itself was a catch-all for a variety of styles, including mento, the Jamaican precursor of ska (50s), rocksteady (60s) and reggae (after that), then ska revival (Two Tone in London, late 70s, early 80s).

This is an unusual post in that, although I really like the style of music, the rhythms, the dominant bass and keyboards, most appealing to me ... the history of the genre is quite anti British, anti Christian ... it was the music of rebellion against the governor in the big house.

First a look at the differences between those variations in style:

The skinheads of London, being inner-city violent, were obviously going to prefer the staccato ska, e.g. Jerry Dammers and the Specials, a cranked up, hyped up post punk genre but I prefer the far more gentle rocksteady and early reggae ... but even in this is a curious anomaly.

Both those styles revolve around Rasta, ganja fed, but despite the melodic rhythms, such as with Rivers of Babylon, it's actually about overthrowing the British oppressor ... violently, a la Hamas. The Yardies and blacks in general are violent people when it comes to the betes noires of their perma-victimhood and the Two Tone left fell for it, just as they're falling for the refugees welcome guff today.  It's nothing to do with blending and fusion, it's quite aggressive ... seeing a takeover of Britain for King Alpha.

The Melodians' version of R of B is my fave, far better imho than Boney M's and yet the latter sing of the Lord and replace the obvious rasta tenets in a cranked up version ... whereas the Melodians keep the violent reference to King Alpha ... yet the music is far softer in itself.

One way for British plus Commonwealth people of a certain age to understand this veiled menace is in the West Indies cricket team of the 70s. In the commentary box it was all fusion and bonhomie but on the field, the four fast bowler attack was no fun for whitey ... and they meant it. Crowds loved the "fun", the festive calypso atmosphere ... Viv Richards just nodded and said little, eternal chip on his shoulder.

My mate has a view on this, on what we're seeing ... the non-whitey saw Victimhood as a good scam to get what they wanted. If left-liberals were so stoopid as to think all was peace and bonhomie, then non-whitey were going to take em to the cleaners ... observe the Inuit, the Oz aborigines, all this national apology guff.

Yet the music is quite fun, is attractive ... what can we do? Analogously ... I once heard that men really do not understand how much women actually resent and hate us as a species, certainly the patriarchy. Then again, I don't fancy being ruled by an insane matriarchy ... hence there must be some middle ground ... but never trying to pretend there were never issues.

And then there's the gentle song embraced by Chelsea FC among others ... look for the recurring graphic here ... the woman, the gun, the dead man:

What am I suggesting? Just that if we welcome someone, always do it from a position of strength ... and never bend the knee. In the guests' countries ... they rule, ok?

And yes, I really do like their gentle music.

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