Saturday 13 April 2024

Idylls must be fought for every single hour

My overwhelming thoughts or feeling about the political state of play is on file in the archives, retrieved below. This is not a bad order to take them in:

Months ago, it was expressed this way on X:

The truly mortifying aspect of it, imho, has been:

Even at a political science level, the writing has been on the wall … and the communists have known it well … they’ve been at the forefront of the ongoing destruction of all that is civilised and good:

There are two more levels we need to dive deeper into as they’re fundamental to understanding how the malaise comes about … this next is behind all the greed, sudden temper tantrums, violence, cold, dispassionate dismissal of others’ needs … before even getting to the events we see out there now:

Burke’s was a powerful statement … and now the one the vast majority do not wish to be reminded of … the underpinning of what once was civilised “western” society … not the deathcult with its violent enforcement, not other methods of personal, navel gazing self-fulfilment, not the sterile enforcement of the pharisees, the whited sepulchres.

Nope, this is the only way you’ll get it, in combination with classical and historical learning, in a spirit of free enquiry plus guarding against constant threat in the way the Shire and Hobbiton were:

As I say, the majority will reject this last quote … it doesn’t suit our book, does it? And yet there it is. Think on’t, I say no more.

You want this situation below? Then you must actually fight for it each and every day:


  1. It occurs to me that what we are living through is a series of experiments. I remember President Ronald Reagan once opining about how an alien invasion would bring the whole world together to fight this common foe.
    This could be one of the reasons for what we've been through during the past years. Those in power may be trying out ideas to find one that will work; climate panic, virus panic, fuel shortage, food shortages. That's probably why the SAGE group had so many behavioural specialists on the team.
    I don't think these experiments have worked as well as the planners expected and they are themselves panicking.
    That's why I think they will become more extreme and callous. With population replacement, population reduction and transhumanism.
    Regardless,my question is how do we defend ourselves against the coming onslaught?

  2. A lovely picture. The cynical side of me suggests that, if it was today, the telephone box would have broken windows, human faeces on the floor, and the broken handset dangling from a smashed unit; the Policeman's bike would have been nicked while he gave directions to the nearest traveller site to someone who had just stolen the caravan; and the horse rider would have allowed the horse to shit all over the road to catch the next unwary cyclist.
    The term 'Broken Britain' doesn't even get close to the truth.

  3. I think they are at the bitter END of a communist takeover, not the middle.


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