Friday 1 March 2024

"Mr Jenkins added that the public would be 'shocked' if they saw PC Pearson's actions."

Not so sure about that, most would be cheering him on!
The Hampshire Constabulary misconduct hearing was told in June 2022 PC Pearson and a junior female colleague identified only as PC Rich attended the boy's home on the Isle of Wight to speak to him after he hit two youngsters.
PC Pearson was tasked with reaching a Community Resolution - which are used for low-level crimes - and the boy's father was in and 'encouraging his son to listen to the officers and pay attention'. The 'naughty' boy, who can't be named for legal reasons, was said to be 'rude' and 'obnoxious' towards the officers. PC Pearson asked the child 'Why did you whack them?' to which the boy replied 'Why not?'
The uninterested youth sat on his phone and the constable, raising his voice, told him: 'Excuse me, don't talk to me like that, boy.
'You don't start talking to me like that - do you understand me?'
And the father who was present? What did he do about this child's behaviour?
Mr Jenkins said PC Rich described her senior colleague's approach as 'old school' and commented that he 'escalated the situation' which potentially put both of them in danger.
He continued: 'The situation developed by PC Pearson grabbing the boy's arm and there was a short struggle in which the boy's head hit the wall, whereby he sustained some minor injuries.
'The boy's father was understandably angry and he demanded that both officers leave the house, which they did.'

I guess we can see why the child's a little hellion... 

Mr Jenkins said: 'If it is to be suggested that the later conduct of [the boy] is relevant to show that, by June 2022, he was gradually turning into a youngster with violent or criminal tendencies, the Appropriate Authority [Hampshire police] would suggest that PC Pearson's violent actions played a role in that development.
'The boy's strong dislike for the police is plain enough from the bodyworn video material from June 21, 2022, and there are flashes of hatred after he had had his head knocked against the wall.
'His attitude towards police officers and being a law abiding young citizen is unlikely to have changed for the better after PC Pearson's actions on that day.'

I very much doubt anything's going to change his attitude at this point. Why should it? There are absolutely no consequences whatsoever for him, and those who try to impose some are stopped cold.

Am I the only one who can see that?  

PC Pearson denies gross misconduct. The officer admits that bending down and raising his voice breached a Standards of Professional Behaviour offence.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we have a crisis in policing. 


  1. Perhaps if there was a return to 'Old School' policing, the public would have more respect for them and these feral youths would learn not to step over the line and keep their bad behaviour in check.

  2. Not really surprising that is what the police farce morphed into a long time ago.

    What I found curious was the phrase 'PC Pearson and a junior female colleague identified only as PC Rich' Why didn't it just say 'PC Pearson and PC Rich' PC Rich obviously being the diversity hire.

  3. With today's youth knowing their rights, while ignoring their responsibilities, I wonder if the diversity policies of Hampshire Police had arranged for some sort of prior training for PC Pearson, in dealing with feral kids, or was he the only available bloke in uniform? He shouldn't have raised his voice, and should definitely not have taken hold of his arm, but there are ways of dealing with this that thinking outside the box may have produced results.
    Once the child showed disinterest, the officers should have left, after explaining to the parent why.
    My favourite was inviting the child, with parents, to visit the Police station, showing them the cells (all kids want to look at the cells), asking the child to stand in the middle of the cell and close their eyes, then slamming the cell door shut, before explaining that they will possibly hear that sound on a regular basis if they continue in their ways. More often than not, it worked. Unfortunately, with today's touchy feely policies, officers are not allowed to do that any more, in case it causes trauma.

  4. A true 'Story of our times'.

    "'His attitude towards police officers and being a law abiding young citizen is unlikely to have changed for the better after PC Pearson's actions on that day."

    Am I really the only one who sees the (usual leftist/lawyer double-speak inversion of the truth) fact that this scrote "gradually turn(ed) into a youngster with violent or criminal tendencies" not because a 'policeman' (Oh for the days when only that title was true) spoke to him and he hurt 'himself' by struggling when his arm was held, but because it reinforced years of licence and excuses for his behaviour ... by his parents and 'the system'.

    He'd been told forever he could do anything he wanted, and not only did no-one disabuse him of that fact, but when someone finally attempted to ... that person (PC Pearson) is the one punished.

    'That' is why he (and all the rest) "turned to crime", because they are allowed, encouraged and supported in doing so.

    [I do so 'love' the fact that all this is based, solely I suspect, on the statement and interpretation of the usual (let me guess, gay, incompetent, entitled, female, and probably ethnic) PC Rich.

    I can almost guarantee it is 'really' based on him 'upsetting' her because he didn't genuflect enough, or sufficiently, or gave her a bad report ... and this is revenge (and a chance, guarantee she will be promoted - just watch!)].

  5. Head accidentally into the wall ... like it.


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