Saturday 24 February 2024

The farmers are going the way of the truckers

… poor sods … and we can do nothing ourselves to help keep them afloat … which will be on our heads once the Joseph motif is repeated.

Joseph motif? Yep … in ancient Egypt … grain in silos during the drought … Pharoah’s man metes it out to approved people so they can live … globopsycho knows the story very well … all food under their control, meted out by Q code, water poisoned in lakes and streams by chem trails, only state bottled water is drinkable, potable … you know the scenario.

There’s a real dilemma and I can see this going the way of the poor truckers. Just repeating these two:

The bstds in their comfy armchairs, grins on their faces, drinks in hand, six figure salaries plus kickbacks, are simply waiting for farmers to give it away, unsupported, plod beating them with batons … then globopsycho karens move in and start taking bank accounts.

All because we did not go out and help. Therein lies the dilemma. I could go locally to our town square, I no longer drive. You commute to work every week day.

Well can I give money?  Gladly but look at what happened to donors to the truckers … bank accounts seized, scammers stealing, admins raking off the incoming funds.  

Well what if someone were to drive around, like delivery drivers, show ID and we’d give them cash? Ah … cash … yes … all digital coming in right now.

And who are the poor sods of farmers hoping to persuade by these protests?  The very globopsyscho doing this to them? And by extension … to us?  We’ve seen thug-plod sent in, in riot gear, choosing soft targets and wielding batons at some 90 year old lady, gutless cowards. That bit doesn’t dissuade … I’d certainly take out one or two before going down.

Ultimately, what do Schultz, Gates et al want?  Conflagration, innit … warfare, bloodshed … while they sit in their comfy armchairs, grins on their faces, drinks in hand, six figure salaries plus kickbacks.  Everything their way.

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