Thursday 22 February 2024

Speak softly and carry a big stick

This is going to be long, stretching well below the “Read more” line.  Where does one even start? Also, this is one post written at and for OoL readers and then transferred to N.O. as my opening post of the day. There are many separate ideas all mashed together, inc. thoughts on how we conduct our keyboard warfare itself.

First … the origin of the post title:
Big stick ideology, big stick diplomacy, big stick philosophy, or big stick policy refers to an aphorism often said by the 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt; "speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far".

The American press during his time, as well as many modern historians today, used the term "big stick" to describe the foreign policy positions during his administration. Roosevelt described his style of foreign policy as "the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis".

As practiced by Roosevelt, big stick diplomacy had five components. First, it was essential to possess serious military capability that would force the adversary to pay close attention. At the time that meant a world-class navy; Roosevelt never had a large army at his disposal. 

The other qualities were to act justly toward other nations, never to bluff, to strike only when prepared to strike hard, and to be willing to allow the adversary to save face in defeat.

The idea is negotiating peacefully but also having strength in case things go wrong. 

Simultaneously threatening with the "big stick", or the military, ties in heavily with the idea of Realpolitik, which implies a pursuit of political power that resembles Machiavellian ideals.

It is comparable to gunboat diplomacy, as used in international politics by the powers.
There’s one part of that only that I vehemently disagree with and that’s the second last paragraph above … simultaneously etc.

All right … my objection to the second last “simultaneously” paragraph is that the US military right now, plus the British, are doing quite the opposite to what big stick policy should be. 

Look at Vlad and how he’s operating right now, then look at the US and UK laughing stocks, like big talking children.

Does anyone remember the Somali pirates attacking a Russian ship off the coast? The Russkies boarded and captured the Somali boat, handcuffed the crew to the railings and sank the boat.

The golden rule is do not threaten … just do

It is being used with telling effect by the deathcult and blacks in western nations, where one or eight of them suddenly attack, rape, knife, machete soft targets … and what softer targets are there than old people or gung ho girls who think they have a golden pass to free movement, protected by feminazi law?

I’m suggesting we in soc-med need a big rethink … never constantly threaten if you can’t carry it out. Once in a Russian class, I warned a girl to start being respectful … she didn’t, I ordered her out … the other girls were appalled … everyone else just constantly threatened, no one actually did what they said. I was backed by the admin. Job done. But that was Russia, not the soft underbelly west.

There’s way too much big talk online, threats by us which none of us could ever carry out … keyboard warriors. However, there are ways, combined, in which we can affect policy … but only en masse. 

Therefore, it matters not how much reach OoL, Ambush Predator, Mike’s, N.O. or any other outlet actually have in themselves … the less the better in my book, as it’s better to pass under the radar.

But cumulatively, with our minds in some sort of vague synch on key issues … and attacking issue by issue, not as some sort of rosette party, not ordered by anyone … but just suddenly, out of the blue, attacking … it’s far more effective.

Now let’s look at crochet politics … yep, you read that right. Lately, I’ve been doing much on it … genuinely interested how to crochet (stop laughing at the back there) but also looking at femme-world as a whole, how ladies operate, how skilful they are or are not … just familiarising myself with femme-think but also making lifelong friends, real friends beyond … something I for one greatly appreciate.

YT of course see all this, as I opted for them to in my case, and they insta-respond … in this case with a torrent of crochet vlogs … mind boggles.

And surprise surprise … exactly the same sort of BLM, green-psycho, Antifa politics, plus sicko Wokism have reduced what should have been ladies’ politics-free craft sessions into a battleground … did you see those militant knitters some months, a year ago?

I kid you not … craft meetings will never be the same if the nu-young are in there … or the “modern” useless woman, trying to be more manly than the man.

We can laugh or quietly smile but get a dozen of these clowns gluing themselves to roads, climbing scaffolding and gantrys, disrupting all and sundry … for what?  

For handed down ideology, replete with lexicon and set hate figures … us. Oh and to be slutty is apparently de rigeur as well.

Let’s shift attention back to us and the big push right now, right at this second, is to shut us down, censor us, send us onto the naughty step, into the naughty corner, for some offence someone’s taken.

The good thing this morning was that this below had not actually been removed, it was sitting in “pending”:

Now why do you think the PTB blocked that drop? 

It was soooo obvious the instant I saw it … trigger words all over the place.  The AI bot is trained to look for certain words, it works in an algorithm, if the text fails … voila.

But that’s not all of it. Not only does the poster fall foul, so does the admin who allowed it … he/she gets points on his/her driving record too. 

Solution? Euphemisms of course. Plus anticipation … here’s a comment from one of our threads:
Predictive programming. I've left it here because I don't want it to open up which it will do over yonder. I object to doing Them's job for them but we need to be aware.

"Civil War"
Which is better, readers … to act all gobby like a Charlotte Church or Se* Pist**s in the 70s, the aim being to show what big bad boys or girl-boys they are … hey look over here how tough I am … or to actually do damage, softly softly? Think on’t, good people.

What is your actual aim in dropping a comment?  Is it to set out a personal, chest thumping stall … or is it to add ammunition to a cumulative pushback already going down, whilst staying personally lowkey?

Doing Them's job for them

Every time you include what Them themselves want you to see … e.g. the most nauseating images, ideas, those which cannot be unseen … you are giving Them the oxygen of free publicity, as Maggie might have put it.  Daily Mail titillation style.

To actually show something vile such as a drag show or kids in states of disrobe or this mutilation thing doctors are complicit in … every time you personally go ahead and show those … just why are you doing that?  

You’ve just ruined someone’s day looking at your post.

No, no, Higham, you no understand … the normies MUST SEE in all its graphic horribleness in order to wake up … I want them to see the whole nauseating thing, in full technicolor.

No, say I in return … by doing that, doing exactly what Them want … you just make ordinary people recoil, they construct immediate defensive walls, psychologically … you have also just assaulted the very people you supposedly like, are trying to defend.

Why?  Because of some “THEY MUST!  THEY MUST!” imperative you yourself have jumped onto?

That’s just as bad as the eco-clowns gluing themselves to roads or the deathcult mass praying in the streets … whatever is the purpose, the goal? It just thoroughly p***es us off, does it not?  Creates a seething divide of intense antipathy?

Is it not better to avoid falling out that way, doing Them’s job for them … and just do our damage, our own pushback, quietly, respectfully? Softly? 

Counter-intuitive, yes … but far more effective.

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  1. All negotiations, confrontations and discussions have defined progression and escalations which eventually reaches violence as the 2nd last stage. The last stage being an agreement. Thankfully, most don't get past the discussion stage.

    Our adversaries, and that is what they are, are willing to jump straight to violence after about 10 seconds and we back off. We surrender mainly because we don't think it is worth it and the risk in our mickey mouse country is too high with our laughable justice system. However, that works for so long. They try it on with someone who doesn't and then they feel the repercussions.

    Until we get to the stage when the law is on the right side and you can defend yourself then it will continue. Plod is not on your side atm and they have not been for some time.

    People like Tommy Robinson, Julian Assange and Donald Trump, among others, have put themselves in the firing line and suffered injustices for us. We need more of them and we need them to support them in politics. ATM though we are just wusses. Wait until the invaders kill quite a few more and then we might so something about it. Although it is our children that will suffer because we are wusses. What a legacy we are leaving.


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