Tuesday 28 November 2023

The tragedy of Thomas de Crépol

Thomas de Crépol

Thomas who?  Never heard of him?

If you look at the map, you’ll see a small, dotted line commune at the foot, to the left of Saint-Marcellin.

Euro Conservative says:

Hugo, 18, who was at the dance party, re-characterised the incident: 

I was near the entrance, and I saw Thomas being stabbed in the heart and throat. There was a battle between the attackers and those who had the courage to stand up to them. 

Maxence, also aged 18, echoed this: 

It was a bloodbath. Some youths surrounded the village hall and were stabbing people blind. The bouncer had his fingers cut off. It was chaos.

The profile of the attackers then became clearer: “guys from La Monnaie,” i.e., young people from a so-called sensitive area of the neighbouring town of Romans-sur-Isère. As elsewhere in France, this neighbourhood was in flames a few months ago during the riots that followed Nahel Merzouk’s death.

The accumulation of evidence against the killers—young people from North African immigrant families—has not prevented a number of left-wing columnists from persisting in their denial.

Why is Thomas unsung, even here, a week after the atrocity? Hardly “an incident”, would you not say?

There are a few reasons:

a.  For the general populace across the west, there are hundreds of issues grabbing our time, so a young man in a small part of France is vying for the world populations’ attention, esp. with the Hamas and Nethanyahu hostage issue … even the Ukraine is off the front pages … the slaughter going on there, where Zelensky is now sending girls to die.

b.  Them ensure that if an event which could backfire on them occurs or is ordered, they have some other event(s) to bury it behind. GK Chesterton wrote a Father Brown story on it … 

d.  They’ve already created a new linguistic device, an expression, to trot out as a “one reply answer all threats”, one which will replace the exploded “racist” tag … it’s “far right”.

e.  Thomas was a young, white, working class man.

f.  It requires media to bring a story to the attention of the world … the MSM is in the hands of the same evil force controlling nearly all thought and action … thus the only way it will get out, the story, is for unpaid social media types to bring it.

g.  But that requires platforms … and platforms are under … etc.

h.  Eventually, the unsung pundit on his little blog or twitter account will succumb to weariness, age, sickness, winter … plus the overwhelming amount of material flooding in, particularly if it’s Monday morning and there’s a queue of issues waiting to be addressed.

i. Should the time be found, the short term remedy for the winter ills, the disturbances next door have paused … the tech gremlins then start … and how.  

Thomas de Crépol certainly must be “sung”, not unsung, a bit like Lee Rigby over here and his murdering deathculters … how to resolve the matter?

Well we are limited as people but we can certainly start by removing globo-psycho’s puppets in parliaments and assemblies, resisting bug eating, using cash afap, total non-cooperation with Them.

It’s a start.

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The tragedy of Thomas de Crépol




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