Tuesday 3 October 2023

The lure of the exciting new idea

If you would consider these screenshots below, it might throw some light on the question posed in the first, from the Woke-left Wired:

Yes, why do simple minds, complex and tortuous in their justifications for their man-made future, fall for the ultimately unsustainable and impossible idea?

Stylish idea, simple, a con, desperately wanting that here and now, all at once, no need to think ... rather than the eternal verities:

A childlike belief in this sort of "artwork":

Reminding us to buy buy buy, sign up and pay, then running an article about how a certain search engine alters billions of searches to direct you to a monetising result, rather than an accurate one. And here's part of the article on why the tech mind, the non-spiritual, historically ignorant, falls every time:

Idea => quick solution => trick => $$$$$$ ... just look at the ad which goes with the text ... attractive to a Wired reader ...Q.E.D.  The reality though? Nothing simple, even in this post right now. Hidden behind this post, in simple Arial, is this:

By the way .... how many techies are male, how many female? How many head office, admins, are now female?  The lure of Carly Fiorina type exciting new ideas:

Also look at the lady's avatar, her style of historicity, her age, the ancient of days, compared to the simplistic font and style-less flags. Consider my own handwriting:

What handwriting is it?

We really are talking quite different minds at work, are we not?  Light upstroke and flourish, heavy downstroke with the split nib ... slow, meticulous, unhurried ... a different world to this:

Free childlike stickers ... oh well, I'll just have to suspend my lifetime of learning and adopt the New School-ignorati persona, implicitly trusting the Narrative ... and fork out now, yes?

Eternal verities ... ancient ... hopelessly unfashionable, plodding yes? No time.


  1. Reading and writing used to be cornerstones of education. Every year there seems to be another damning report of falling standards of literacy in all age groups. Palki Sharma has a video up where she asks why people don't read books anymore.


    The short attention spans of our future leaders coupled with an almost devoted reliance on computers and AI can only spell disaster. Imagine engineers who haven't done the reading, there's a computer program to do all that. Doctors, senior politicians and civil servants simply repeating what appears on the screens in front of them. The human mind may be a bit slow but it is unique in that it can reason, smell a rat, have doubts and stop to think.

    1. All reasons why the human mind needs to be circumvented....


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