Tuesday 26 September 2023

The baton of reportage is now ours to carry

Today’s Conservative Woman:

All power to TCW and all other similar publications => these are the respective western nations’ lifelines right now, with the MSM long ago abrogating their responsibilities and the baton passing to amateur online pundits of variable quality. TCW is one of the respected outlets.

In an article headed ‘Attorney-general is showing contempt for press freedom’ Sean O’Neill wrote, this was a grave misunderstanding of contempt of court laws: ‘Victoria Prentis KC, both a cabinet minister and the government’s primary legal adviser, wished “to amplify the importance of not publishing any material where there is a risk that it could prejudice any potential criminal investigation or prosecutions”. “Publishing this material,” she added, “could amount to contempt of court.” Anyone with even the sketchiest knowledge of how the media works surely knows that every single word of reporting on Brand has been rigorously scrutinised before publication. And one of the many things looked at is whether there is a contempt issue . . .
Quick word about The Conservative Woman.  Unfortunate name, “conservative” because it is soooo misunderstood along party poltical lines, the Remoaner and Globopsycho, Uniparty Tories having hijacked the word and done dirt on it.

What we mean by “conservative” is something utterly different … we see it as someone from any party they’ve formerly voted for who, frankly, have had enough of all this guff we’re seeing rolled out by low quality myrmidons and karens, under the direction of the psychos above.

When we say “we the people”, we are not including the Wokerati, the snowflakes, the purple haired “refugees welcome” Wokerati and SJWs, the leftist “teachers” instructing kids in the finer arts of sex and gender change, the professors with bicycle chains at rallies attacking women then scarpering … nope, you know exactly whom we’re not including … those gluing themselves to things and blocking commuter traffic for example.

These are not “the people” in the least.  “The people” are those increasingly finding it impossible to operate normal day to day lives because of this monstrous collusion by the clowns and utterly corrupt psychos.

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