Tuesday, 19 September 2023

Please attribute, please also scrutinise your listening, reading and watching

There’s been a bit of to and fro and I’ll include two here today:

1.  Attribution:

We do communicate, you know … which is stating the bleedin’ obvious to fellow bloggers, vloggers, tweeters, gabbers, readers, watchers, listeners.  But honestly … there really is a thing called netiquette … we really do keep an eye on things.

2.  Typical M25 bubble radio with a real bellend:

I really do like that type of feisty lady … I’d love a chance to race in on my charger and rescue her but she’d probably eat any attacker for breakfast first. Some you need to watch, they can Ambush you like a Predator and you’d not know till it was over.


  1. Bit of a Strawman there.

    LBC is right with that statement but that is not the question. If they are considering 16 year olds to vote then they should be looking at the legal age of maturity all around and standardising it.

    After all a 2 year old can decide to have major surgery to change sex but can't smoke or drink till they are 18. They can have sex at 16 but can't film themselves doing so for another 2 years. Personally, I'd move everything to 18. Having kids growing up and talking to their friends many are sensible at 16 but not all. All change at different times but normally all are sensible at 18.

  2. It's a real minefield, but I agree - 21 was the age of majority for so long, it's time to bring it back.


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