Sunday 24 September 2023

Is it race or is it gender? Maybe age?

There's a bit of an edge to this post which requires me to get personal before I begin. 

I'm no MGTOW, deeply resenting the female species as a whole ... in fact quite the opposite ... maybe I get a bit too effusive, e.g. running knitting vlogs by ladies, e.g. yesterday ... plus my partner here at OoL is simply the best, plus all my novels and stories have the male and female protagonists working together in tandem in a realistic way as it used to happen.

This also illustrates how we can get along, think along the same lines, vaguely:

This long intro is to underscore that I'd have to agree with Will Jones below and I’d bet Natalia does too:

The most dramatic fall in viewing figures coincides with Alex Scott replacing Dan Walker as Focus’s main presenter in 2021. 

In Walker’s last season before he was moved on the average weekly August audience was 827,000, before dropping to 809,000 in 2021, 599,000 12 months later and 564,000 this year.

Scott is not being blamed by her bosses, though, and remains highly regarded at the BBC, who are set to give the former England defender a prominent presenting role at next summer’s Olympics.

Brand and culture expert Nick Ede told MailOnline that the departure of Dan Walker was a huge blow to the Beeb, with new host Alex Scott struggling to stem that tide of viewers who left with him. …

The future of Football Focus is the subject of urgent talks at the BBC due to a dramatic drop in viewing figures.

Could it have anything to do with the diversity hire replacing the white bloke? Of course not. And if it is (which it isn’t) then it just shows how deplorable the audience is, who must be duly ignored.

That last paragraph has a real edge to it, does it not? Apart from the gross insensitivity to the sensibilities of the indigenous majority (still a majority, overall) and certain topics really having an edge to them in this land, the BBC press on and in fact redouble their insensitivity.

We've been through why ... globopsycho controlled bosses, kool aid wokerati ... deliberately sticking it to a people they hate as much as Jack Straw did and today's invaders do ... or is it just sheer M25 bubble pig ignorance?  Is it bloodymindedness, knowing they're resented and still pressing on regardless?

The sad part is that this Alex Whoever ... was she a former women's player (?) ... is also insensitive to the extent of putting a high paid cynosure before the deep resentment of the land ... pardon me but I'd think twice before accepting an anti-indigenous-people role within the land.

The opening part of this post was obviously about the female over male thing but now I'm starting to think ... was that actually the primary issue here? 

Or was it that blacks are shoved down our throats every single advert, every single TV or online moment these days? I used, for example, to run Osibisa and two-tone ska at my site but now … l'm not so sure it would go down well.

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