Thursday 21 September 2023

Deliberately unreachable targets

The whole thing, imho, is deliberately unattainable … they know it full well and are deliberately doing it for that reason.

Or as Neil Oliver puts it:


  1. I hope people will listen to my experience and use it to make a decision about heat pumps. I had one installed in December of last year so I'm about 9 months into the first year of use.
    It cost me £8,500. The company also got £5000 from the government.
    I also have a solar panel and battery system. That I think was a reasonable decision and will probably have a payback of about 8 years.
    I don't think the heat pump will ever break even. If it wasn't for the solar system subsidising the electricity consumption of the heat pump, my electricity costs would be very high, and higher than using the gas boiler that I foolishly had removed.
    The heat pump installation was poor and the after sales support has been very poor; I'm still looking for a company to give the heat pump system an annual service, because the installer won't offer that service and other companies, including Octopus, will only service their own systems. And no, octopus wouldn't install one for me. The annual service is essential to protect the system warranty and will cost more than say a British Gas service agreement.

    As we come into the winter season, when even the solar panels produce practically no electricity, especially if the panels are covered in frost and snow, I'm expecting very high electricity charges for the three months of November to January.
    So, my advice is don't even think about having a heat pump installed, and don't get rid of your gas boiler.

    1. That's a familiar tale - the Radio Two Jeremy Vine show had people singing the same sad songs in the week. Most of them regretted the decision too...


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