Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Doesn't Talent Go Where It Will Be Fulfilled Then..?

Annilese Miskimmon is concerned:
...nobody knows where ENO will be in a year’s time. In November, Arts Council England (ACE) announced it was axing ENO’s £12.6m annual grant unless the company moved wholesale out of London, throwing in the idea of Manchester as a possible destination, but without backing this up with any sort of plan or research. January brought a temporary reprieve, but a move out of London by 2026 is still demanded.


“There is fear in the whole UK opera world when you look at that 30% loss of funding and the effect on talent, innovation, accessibility and the future of the art form.

They've suggested Manchester, not Mars.  

It’s bigger than ENO. The reason why you have internationally renowned UK talent is because they have come through an ecosystem that supports artists at every stage. Taking ENO out of that ecosystem is devastating. I fear we are losing a whole generation of talent who cannot be sustained in this country.”

If they are really talented, they'll go to you. You don't need to go to them. Isn't that what talent does? 


  1. Millions of elderly will be devastated if they have to travel to M/chester now to buy their Fruit Salts. (You've got to be of a certain age to get that ;-) )

  2. ‘...we are losing a whole generation of talent’ or, alternatively, ‘we will be offering opportunities to talent from outside London’, which is surely a good thing, unless, of course, you happen to to be part of the incestuous and nepotistic world of the arts in the capital.

    (@ anonymous - that brings back memories of the school infirmary; Eno’s for insides and iodine for outsides)

  3. Well, quite! I wonder if these are the same people who demand 'diversity' in the arts?


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