Friday 3 February 2023

The War On Personal Freedom Continues...

Innovative neighbourhoods, where everyone living in them has access to most of their everyday needs within a 20-minute walk, could be trialled...

In London? Norfolk.

The least populated and mostly rural county? What gives? Why choose this? 

Such neighbourhoods have gained popularity in the United States, Australia and Scandinavia, with the concept that people can walk to and back from services within 20 minutes - 10 minutes there and 10 minutes back.

Which might be ok in dense conurbations, and assuming you can walk, but to trial this in Norfolk makes no sense at all. Bloody Greens and Lib-Dems... 

Lana Hempsall, Conservative county councillor for Acle...


...proposed a motion about the possible creation of the neighbourhoods at a recent county council meeting, which was supported by 48 councillors, with none voting against.
While cars would not be banned (Ed: at first...), the neighbourhoods would be designed so walking, cycling or using public transport might be a more direct way to reach services.

Whether you like it or not. 

Make no mistake, they want to remove personal freedoms. And the best way to do this is to remove the invention that's probably given people the most personal freedom. 


  1. Until people stop voting for these clowns in elections then we are going to keep on getting this. It is our only legal way to state our displeasure. Lets use it before we move on to the next stage because when we do the world will change.

    1. Nailed it. In the meantime make a nuisance of yourself by writing to your MP even if you didn't vote for him or her and express your opposition to their proposals. They don't know that, but they are supposed to represent all their constituents. Make them work for you. They're public servants after all. Look into their connections too. There might be something shady to use for leverage. Don't do nothing, do something!

  2. 'Such neighbourhoods have gained popularity in the United States, Australia and Scandinavia, .'

    Only with the lefty libtards.

  3. The metropolitan vs. rural (with all those difficult to control/bribe, independent, self-reliant types) divide has always been an 'issue' for the leftists.

    What better way to force them to comply (and or be driven into the controlled cities) than to remove all the things they rely on to remain independent? (and, of course, it wont affect 'their people' who'll be given special dispensation, and privileges, to 'provide necessary services' - the commissars need to supervise 'compliance' and 'penalties' you know?).

    The thing I find hilarious is, they are proposing the very thing that existed only a few short decades ago, and ... was deliberately destroyed ... by them. (Remember local shops, services, GP's, and the bobby on the beat 'rationalised' and 'budgeted' away in the same 'name of progress', i.e. to fund their pet projects, friends businesses and to gain control/power and money for themselves? So, SSDD yet again).

    It's almost as if they think we're stupid enough not to realise and remember, and the sad fact that so many brain-washed urbanites ... actually are.

  4. I am Australian. (OK, English for 39 years and Ozzified for another 39). Where in Oz are these 'zones'? I have not seen any yet. I hear that Dictator Dan in Victoria is threatening them but so far has not implemented any.


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