Tuesday 31 January 2023


The whole question of bona fide “victim” came up again in a post by Romy Cerratti:

On Friday 17th December Jeremy Clarkson provided such fuel with his Sun column in which he said he ‘hated’ Meghan Markle and that he dreamt about her parading ‘naked through the streets of every town in Britain.’ 

Personally, I could not imagine anything more revolting than “Marky” parading in the buff, except maybe clackers Pelosi or Clarkson himself but there you go … tastes differ.  Let’s press on:

The outrage burns on, provoking endless discussions about misogyny and calls for Clarkson to be cancelled from working on all media platforms. In contrast another media story about another woman, whose victimhood is not a matter of debate, made the news without a scintilla of the impact of Clarkson’s ‘naked Meghan dream”. 

On 9th January the inquest into the death of Beth Matthews, a young woman who died in a secure psychiatric hospital last March made it into the news. In the following days the shocking failings in her care were exposed and the jury ruled last week that she had died from ‘suicide contributed to by neglect.’ 

As a patient with suicidal ideation, all Beth’s post should have been opened and checked before it reached her hands. However she not only managed to order poison online but open the parcel containing it and swallow enough to end her life. 

It was also revealed that two other young women, Deseree Fitzpatrick and Lauren Bridges, had also died due to medical negligence in the same hospital ward that year. The news media ripple created by the death of these three women was swamped by the tsunami provoked by Jeremy Clarkson insulting one highly privileged woman. 

Meghan Markle is the ultimate woke ‘victim’, the poster model for female oppression woke feminists can’t get enough of.

Right. And yet something led her to become the arch-narcissist she is (Marky), some childhood trauma, maybe just some twist in the oestrogen, who knows? How about today’s invisible class the white male?  How about the white woman suffering in silence? 

In Britain, we admire the stoic victim who suffers in silence, shuts the gob and lets no one know what traumas they’re going through.  Conversely, what of a poor sod who does admit a trauma due to, say, NHS negligence? Is it noble and admirable to fail to mention it?

What of this invisible man in the States?


I mean, who is worthy of that coveted victimhood status and who is not?  By which criteria?  Conversely, can celebs not be victims in any shape or form?  By virtue of celebrity?

What of brusque curmudgeons making narky remarks about Marky? What of our entire caustic set? Just where do we draw the line as to who gets our sympathy and who does not?

Food for thought?

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