Tuesday, 22 November 2022

The suppressed story often speaks differently

This post is on a hiding to nothing, simply because there are quite strong emotions involved and two diametrically opposed sides. I'm quite cognisant of Julia's libertarian views on speech and I concur ... but the only thing which would happen today is an all out slanging match where both sides would come in with their organised selection of incidents and slant ... ne'er the twain will meet ... utterly pointless, given the purpose of the post.

Which is this ... it's not a debate, it is just me presenting from material supplied by both pro Russian and my Ukro mate, material I'd say not many would have seen.  As for my stance ... it's part of my overall stance that a nation has every right to defend itself from neighbours when its real enemies have gone into that neighbouring nation and put in missile silos, a string of biochemical and anthrax labs, where that foreign power has installed and bolstered a puppet clown leader ... and all the rest of it.  Where that neighbour dumps boatloads of the unwanted in British waters.

The UN in Darfur, the USSR during the Cuban missile crisis, Argentina claiming something quite bollox about sovereignty over the Falklands … Argentina never existed when this all happened ... obviously Russia and the Ukraine ... and so many more.  Even Israel and daily rocket attacks from Philistine (sic) territory (Gaza).

In no way does my stance exonerate that big nation, not in the least ... violations abound, they need addressing ... but a nation, any nation, does have the right to defend itself, that's if you believe in "nations" per se and their peoples.  As I say, I'm not interested in debating something where one side - globo and its MSM - present one narrative only.  Here's something from the suppressed side for once - not a "view" but what did occur.

Consider this map:

Those things did not not-occur, they did occur.  So where does that leave our nation in that Crimean War?

Now consider this map:

As it says, that was the distribution of votes in that election.  I've seen many things anti both of them and have no opinion either way, beyond saying it sure smells like corruption to me … but that's how it fell.  Obviously, the further from Kiev, the stronger the feeling is.

There's nothing new in this.  I live in the northwest, the history here and in the northeast is bloodiness from London in some shape or form (Henry VIII).  Same with DC or Ottawa across the pond.  

Trouble was, in 2010, the south-east, the Donbass, has resources, => €€€€.

So in 2014, with the collusion of NATO, CIA, Right Sektor, Azov battalion, plus "the big guy and son”, the greedy, perverted pigs, there was a coup d'etat, however it was spun.

Now, there was a thing called Maidan, touted as the Orange Revolution, yeah yeah. One thing which appalled western observers who showed footage at the time, was snipers firing at both sides, killing protesters.  In other words, just as you see from the whole globo-woke thing right now, same playbook, the aim was clearly to get civil war going and draw Russia in directly.

Just as appalling, as the western press lies about, the Trades Hall building in Odessa (May 2014) was where protesters of the Russian supporting side took refuge, the doors were locked by someone, the building burnt down.  No one in the west cares because these were just Russian supporters, barely human, no?

Except that's not what happened.  My Russian mates sent me shots taken inside the building of secretaries slumped over typewriters, others in grotesque positions of slaughter, extreme hatred ... someone had gone through that building, systematically slaughtering everyone, then burning down the building.

Who?  Right, not going to join dots for you but on the roof of that building were armed men in Uke army uniform.  Now I've heard the Uke side saying no soldiers would so openly show themselves unless they were Russians pretending.

Or Azov and similar militias.  Why?  Same as with the snipers ... get all out war going, draw Russia in.

Or it could well have been the CIA-NATO themselves, with the nazis.  One thing I did think then was it might be the Russians as I was told a tale years ago by my Russian mate about how Russians had spitroasted a Chechyen in that war. I believed it at the time because soldiers can snap, their restraint diminishes.

However, in the light of 2022, that was my Uke mate who'd told me that, it was not a Russian, though I'd seen him as Russian.  You see how edgy this thing is?  How easily one can start supporting something quite erroneous?  You must know the bkgd of the teller.

All right, back to the Trades Hall building.  It burnt down, all inside died, no one to counter the narrative ... except for those shots which got out.  Hmmmm.  Let's move on.

Given the map of the 2010 results before the 2014 coup, here's a different map:

That's not the map now as you know, after Kherson but are you sufficiently up with things to know that the Ukes are also withdrawing from Kherson as of now?  Why?  No doubt it will unfold.  This map above is the Russian view of how they see it.  Superimpose that map over the 2010 map and certain things become clear to the neutral, if there even are such beasts.

Russia absolutely claims the Krim (Crimea) and Crimea is overall fine with it ... safety in a storm, with murderous NATO being funded by all of you reading this, either through taxes or charity.  It goes straight to the warlords' pockets.  Compare to the faux charities within our land ... similar.

And now to the final map for this post:

The "Russia has gathered" bit is crying out to be called out by the pro-globo-woke-Ukro side.  Except for one thing.  Liz Truss's phone call to America ... it's done she said.  There is very bad blood between the Uniparty/Whitehall ... and Russia.  Always was.  It got me kicked out, along with hundreds of Brits, in 2008.

The fly in the ointment, the spanner in the works, is that my friends are in both nations ... this is not the Russian people v the British ... except as we've been trained to think.  It's all theatre. We're just people ... good, bad, headstrong, indifferent, bright, idiots, whatever.  Played like puppets by those above.

That's all I have to say.  I apologise that comments are off, I'm just not interested in debating this, I have to get back to N.O. as there's a backlog building up again.  Cheers.


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