Thursday, 6 October 2022

Failsafe code

The immediate thing which struck me was her eyes ... the turmoil behind them, a vast wrongness born of wrong choices all the way from childhood on ... and she's now 32, still flirting with other women's men? 

Any one of us could write a book about all that's gone wrong with western society, from importing huge numbers from alien cultures to breaking with our roots in the worst way possible ... but I'm going to keep it for now to this awkward expression ... failsafe code. Couldn't think how else to put it.

Essentially what I'm getting at is that you might be a saint but I ain't, my past is a bit chequered. I mean, we all have failings ... men look at porn, football 'firms' slash each other after matches, naughty people have assignations, the language gets very Derek and Clive ... we've done things we'd not want our parents to know about.

All that's par for the course I'd suggest but there are still the vestiges of some sort of code.  Look at the film In Bruges where Ralph Fiennes was honour bound to take out someone who'd taken out a child, accidentally, while shooting a priest. The landlady in the Bruges B&B said to them both, "You guys are crazy."

The Godfather and in Russia it was the same ... bad things being done but a code, a failsafe, stopped them going any further.  Children were offlimits for a start ... someone's daughter ... and there were things you just did not do, you never crossed that final line. That old expression 'honour among thieves' cut in at crucial times.

But that 'failsafe code' has gone now.  Have you read any William S. Burroughs?  The Wild Boys?  Also Kiefer Sutherland's film The Lost Boys (1987)?  There's a line of ... what ... innate decency perhaps ... that most of us in the west just don't drop below, even if we cheat and covert and all the rest.

I'm suggesting it's gone, that line.  Taught neither at home nor school anymore, the kids grow up feckless and without values, a huge moral vacuum in their souls.  Darth Vader was not like that ... there was a limit, was there not?  A red line.

But imagine a society of zero red lines.  Boyfriend offends, as in Liverpool right now with Emily Walsh I think she is named, so you plunge a knife through his heart in yet another fractious minor disagreement.

I'm suggesting this also comes out of world culture as they call it ... gaming is one place where no rules apply (take me apart, Julia).  Ok ... Slenderman ... look it up ... more killings girl on girl.

You're waiting for me to drop in the bit about the absence of the Christian code of conduct no kid knows of these days but I'm not going to run with that just now.  Everyone is in his or her entrenched camp on that issue, so it's not going to get us far.

Instead, let me come back to the situation where it's unsafe for any female or old person to be alone out there on the street and that's two things ... certain ethnicities with no moral constraints, plus our own caucasians seem to have lost all reason, as in Miss Prosser in the photo.  And yet, this is a time when females have never been more independent, defiantly so, whilst at the same time being the least mentally equipped ... such as maniacal SJW treehuggers.  What could possibly go wrong?

And at precisely the same time, the State is trying to ratchet this "all your children are us" ideology.

Does anyone see the slightest risk for society when the old failsafes no longer apply? Where gallant men will no longer come to the rescue of a girl, they'll just let the ethnics rape and kill her?  Wither feminazism now, Woke SJWs?

We haven't even started on the vaxxed and unvaxxed.


  1. The late Rabbi Sacks wrote an article addressed to atheists. I tried to find a link for you, James, but can't so these comments are from memory. He said they'd won their argument in that society was now secular and they now needed to drop their revolutionary mode, accept that they were in charge and take the moral lead. Religion had provided a widely agreed moral code that had shaped behaviour. It still did in that first and second generation atheists tend to adhere to the values with which they were raised. As the effect of that "cultural" Christianity or Judaism fades, a new agreed basis for moral conduct is needed and they have, he argued, a responsibility to develop it. Without shared values, society will drift as you describe in your post. Many atheists would respond to the good rabbi's point by reference to "Social Justice" but that's really just a euphemism for collective punishment of disfavoured groups. It's often little more than disguised tribalism. Of course, it therefore always leads to violent and immoral outcomes. There is a problem here and it's not being addressed. You know I am not religious myself, but I can see there's a gap left by its demise that needs to be filled.

    Have a look at this video on salty cracker's YouTube site.
    This epitomises the malaise that is pervasive throughout the Western world.
    This racist, black on white violence made me feel quite nauseous. And salty says it's not the first time this black mother has attacked a white girl.
    And her offspring will be perpetuating this racist behaviour.


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