Friday, 23 September 2022

Sore Losers...

The MPTS panel suspended Professor Stebbing for nine months, so he was unable to care for his 150 patients. The GMC had wanted more — it had pressed for him to be struck off completely.

And since they didn't get him, they went after....his witnesses

And now the GMC has put Professor Sikora under threat of being struck off, too. He and another expert oncology witness who testified in Professor Stebbing’s defence have been served with notice from the GMC that they are now under investigation. The GMC will not tell them why.
‘Three months after the hearing had ended, I and the other defence expert received letters from the GMC saying our fitness to practise is under investigation,’ Professor Sikora told Good Health. ‘There’s been no hint of what we’d done wrong. They only sent 5,000 pages of transcript from Professor Stebbing’s disciplinary hearing.’

The GMC has a long and rather less than illustrious history but this seems Kafka-esque even for them! 

‘The GMC then wrote to all my employers telling them that I am under investigation,’ says Professor Sikora. ‘Of course they are all worried that I’ve done something wrong. How can giving tribunal evidence possibly affect my fitness to practise medicine?
‘This is witness intimidation and in a criminal court it would be illegal.’

Indeed it would. But medical professionals often seem to think the laws of the land don't matter to them, has anyone noticed? 


  1. This same attitude in the medical profession was evident in their lack of care for Archie Battersbee, and the callous refusal to let the parents seek alternative treatments.
    I am assuming that the GMC is the sole arbiter of who can practice medicine in our country and that's at the root of this matter, there doesn't seem to be any powerful body above the GMC to punish them whenever they step out of line.

  2. My language is unprintable on this.

  3. If you go against their narrative you are a threat to their cash flow and they can't let that happen. More than likely the GMC with have their pockets filled by Big Pharma somewhere along the line.

  4. Am I the only one who realised that ...

    The long march through the institutions began with the targetted take-over of the 'regulatory bodies' of each affected area of our country and culture. 'This' enabled the take-overs we later witnessed and see, now, come to fruition.

    When you allow the seizure of the very mechanisms designed to correct for errors, wrongs and evil, by the forces seeking your destruction, the game is already over. All that is left afterwards, as we are experiencing now, is the predictable descent into madness.

    Please, as a matter of record, can you name a single regulatory body that 'hasn't' been thus infiltrated and corrupted?


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