Friday, 19 August 2022

Why Should The Justice System Care About The Criminal's Mental Health..?

Shouldn't it be more concerned with that of the victim?
A thief who assaulted and stole thousands from a vulnerable neighbour has dodged jail because he is transitioning.
Judge Robert Linford told Truro Crown Court the 'extremely unusual' decision was made because the 26-year-old would currently have to be held at a women's prison.
Andrew's defence barrister argued this would affect his mental health and delay the process of his transition by months, if not years.

It's a woman. That's why she has to be held at a woman's prison.  

Prosecutor Katie Churcher said Andrew came up with a litany of reasons why he needed the money from his neighbour, who was said to be vulnerable. These included needing a locksmith, a train fare, a medical emergency and moving to Manchester.
Andrew was actually funding a drug addiction, buying cannabis and cocaine, and settling debts with dealers.

So many of these cases hinge on drugs, don't they? Is anyone looking into a connection? 

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  1. Put her/him/it into a male prison.
    How many hours/days before he/she/it demanded to be transferred to a female prison after the male prisoners get their hands on her/him/it.


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