Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Putting Diversity Before Public Safety...

In a judgment today, Mrs Justice Heather Williams rejected the forces's bid to overturn the decision to reinstate the convicted officer.

Yes, it's this case. Again.  

She said: 'The PAT was entitled to regard this as an exceptional case in which dismissal for the officer's gross misconduct was not a necessary and proportionate sanction.'

And what was so 'exceptional' about it? 

The judge continued: 'The PAT reached the conclusion that it did because of the unique circumstances of the conviction, the officer's stellar career, the substantial impact she had had on enhancing the reputation of the MPS as a whole and its assessment that her dismissal would reduce confidence in the police in some of the communities in which the MPS had struggled to gain trust.'

In other words, the perception of those 'communities' that the police and white society has it in for them counts for more than being able to get rid of a proven liar in the force. Just because she's black.  

Isn't there a name for that? Doesn't it begin with 'r'..? 

Scotland Yard also challenged the reinstatement of Detective Constable Asweina Gutty, who was dismissed following her conviction for assaulting her then-partner, before being given a final written warning after an appeal to the PAT.
However, Mrs Justice Heather Williams also rejected this challenge, finding the PAT was 'entitled to conclude' that a final written warning was suitable in the 'unusual circumstances of this case'.

What was unusual about it? That it was a mixed race relationship? That they were lesbians? That the aggressor racially assaulted her lover as well as physically assaulted her? 

District Judge Nina Tempia said: 'What concerns me is she is a serving police officer prone to anger outbursts and she is dealing with members of the public.'

It would appear not to concern Williams overmuch... 

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  1. Never ends, does it? By day or by night, it never ends.


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