Wednesday 31 August 2022

Net Zero exposed as the Pipe-Dream it always was.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbines produced 49% of GB&NI’s Electricity Yesterday

This meter can be checked at this website, which shows all of GB&NI’s Electricity Generation and needs.

CCGT is a complex mix of a Gas Turbine generating electricity by turning a huge Alternator, then using the waste heat to boil water producing superheated steam, which then turns a steam turbine which connects to another Alternator producing even more Electricity.

This shows how dependant GB&NI really is on Gas as its primary reliable source of Generated Power. The question which must be asked, and answered by both Bloody Boris, and his talking puppet Alok Sharma, is this: “Did either of you view this webpage, and the CCGT metering, have it explained by an expert who understands the whole process of Generating Electricity: before going on to promise in COP26; that you would remove all fossil fuels from the Generating Mix long before 2050; on the way towards your suicidal path towards ‘effing Net Zero?’


  1. At last, we see the consequences of being governed by low grade people who are too stupid to recognise how stupid and/or gullible they are.
    Perhaps now, the citizens of our country will be a little more discerning about those who are selected and elected and appointed to public office, including the Civil Service.
    And perhaps start demanding that these buffoons be held accountable for their decisions.

  2. Of course if by they plan to reduce demand by reducing the population, then it's all going swimmingly. Or it will after this winter. After they've killed off the pensioners and the poor there will be plenty of houses solving that crisis and maybe a few spare for the illegals to move into. Just saying.

    1. Thanks a lot, mark. Its really good to know someone is thinking of your health & well-being!


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