Saturday, 6 August 2022

Advancing the cause of women

I confess I didn’t visit the site … more of this cow would not have been conducive to a pleasant brekky … but you get the idea.  

More women in office if they are actual women, not deluded, harpy, yes-creatures to the globo push?  

Well of course … I nominate our Julia, Kari Lake, Wendy Rogers, MTG, Kristi Noem, Kate Hoey, Ann Widdicombe, Jo Nova … the list goes on.

And the instant any real woman … you know, a competent, sane one, grounded, with high moral compass … is sounded out with a view to a primary or preselection?  

Oh no, we can’t be having any competence here, can we, we need an obedient Liz Truss or Theresa May or Princess Nut-Nut or that MP with the ankle bracelet or Diane Abbott or that Thacker cow, or Cressida Dick … they’re the type wanted for office “to advance the cause of wimmin”.  Not.

There was one actually … Kemi Badenoch … but of course they did for her by ensuring she was still a bit too young and raw.  Give her another twelve years in parliament and they’d not have let her even be nominated.

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  1. Uncanny resemblance. :)


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