Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Two thoughts for the day

Subdivided into many other thoughts.

1.  Why?

Alternatively: "For whom?" Then: "Why?"

2.  The questions are suggested by the text:


  1. I do not know the details in the UK, but in the US, the rich have so gamed the system that they much lower tax rates than anyone. In one extreme case, the hedge fund manager John Paulos earned $4.5 billion one year, yet paid $0 in taxes. Other tricks, such as those employed by Goldman Sachs, had executives getting huge bonuses in 2009, even as the US government was bailing the company out.

    1. Not just the rich, but that whole wannabe inner party: subsidies for milk floats, cunt pumps, imported chinese crap nailed to the roof, index linked pensions for non-jobs at the ministry of truth etc

  2. Then you agree that the talk of 'over-taxing the rich' is so much guff?

  3. I quite agree there should be a sliding scale of tax bands, top band paying around 33%, lowest 12%, below that tax free. Strict rules on taxpayer money to those unqualified, e.g. illegals, and prosecution of crims, within which our agreement here falls about the banksters. The issue is non-corrupt, non-Woke overseers.


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