Wednesday, 6 July 2022

It Would Be Interesting To Overlay This Map With The One About Putin's Nuclear Threat On The Capital...

...and see which one would do the most damage!

I fear it might not be the one showing the fallout from a nuclear strike...
London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) could be extended towards the Surrey border as efforts are made to reduce pollution and congestion in the city. Drivers of the most polluting vehicles could face a charge if they travel on part of the A3 or into Kingston, Richmond, Sutton and Croydon under the proposed expansion.
Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has asked Transport for London to consult on plans to expand the ULEZ for 2023. At the moment any vehicle that does not meet the European emission requirements must pay £12.50 per day to travel through any part of the designated ULEZ area.

£12.50 every time you take your car off the drive to go to Tesco. When does this madness ever stop? 

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  1. Not quite every time you go to Tesco but if you go past a camera then its £12.50 and that covers you for the day. So going to work for 0000 gets you for two days. So everyone will do all the driving on one day if they don't need to drive to work.

    I don't see the problem. They voted these people in. They have been paying, literally, for some time. Government needs to be fed and this is one of those ways.


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