Wednesday, 25 May 2022

California 2.0 Here We Come!

The cost of living crisis will trigger an increase in crime and officers should use their “discretion” when deciding whether to prosecute people who steal in order to eat, the new chief inspector of constabulary has said.

Well, great! We haven't got the climate of California, but we'll soon have their rather 'interesting' approach to retail:

When asked how policing could avoid being seen as the arm of an uncaring state, he said forces across England and Wales were skilled in dealing with the tensions and dynamics of their communities.

Mainly by giving up, turning a blind eye and running away, or in extreme cases, surrendering

Cooke said he was not advocating an amnesty for people who commit crimes of poverty, nor “giving a carte blanche for people to go out shoplifting”.

Yes, you absolutely are.  

H/T: i.r.jackson via email


  1. "When asked how policing could avoid being seen as the arm of an uncaring state"
    They didn't seem to mind being that, during lockdowns

  2. Simple answer. Arrest someone for shoplifting; rocess them at the Police station; submit a report to COS for a decision on prosecutingvthem; bail the person for 4 weeks pending a decision. Even if the Criminal Protection Society states no prosecution, these thieves are on the database and it will soon be known if they are genuine hardship cases or prolific criminals.


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