Saturday, 28 May 2022

Beware the Krankenhaus

... oder Hüten Sie sich vor dem Krankenhaus. Was looking at a post by Fahrenheit in which he takes David Kurten to task over this poxy thing. Better to look at it than I try to explain.

There's a certain amount of this suggested about armchair or keyboard 'experts':

Fahrenheit may or may not be wrong, we're also pumping out commentary on it from outside sources, you also are going to your trusted sources.  Thing is, we can only go by what our 'journals' we choose to consult say, just as doctors do when not ordered by the globobureaucrat admins to think a certain way and treat accordingly, those replacing medical ethics as the guiding force in, say, the NHS.

That's the state of the war at the globo-bojo-carrie level above, which witholds treatments on whim, while the outer limits of investigative thought shows evidence that those bstds really are trying to kill us off for Klaus.

Cranking this down to personal health level, there are certain people of an age, let's say, who are suffering the ravages of anno domini, as we all must.

As for me, I'm essentially holding up, give or take some down days and mornings, which I put down to said prayer, general robustness, genes, a health regime high on nutrients, modest exercise and sunlight, plus staying busy and enjoying close friends and blog cameraderie.  Plus a bloodyminded curmudgeonliness which does let off steam.  You have your own methods and well done.

Zeroing in on treatments ... this bloody covid c**p is affecting them bizarrely, with medicos themselves, not just govts, imposing the most stoopid constraints on the undeathjabbed, in real time and in real situations, face to face with doctor clinic staff and the entire krankenhaus set up.  

Hence that subheading above ... beware the krankenhaus.  Not only are they slaves to pharma, they're under duress to kill off the elderly with DNRs, plus they're houses of sickness anyway.  I have the same view of care homes.

My feeling is that, whilst there's no place for hysteria, there's very much a place for trusted sources which should be kept abreast of, but those in themselves are being suppressed online all over the west.  Methinks our only chance is keeping an open mind, neither endorsing Kurten nor Fahrenheit but noting and filing, remembering, always keeping up with developments, sticking to remedies which have served us well so far, including old wives tales which seem to hold up.


Our correspondent DAD has sent:
The 16 runners who collapsed during the Brooklyn Half Marathon on Saturday, including the man who died, were all fully jabbed for Covid-19. {It was an entry requirement }

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