Friday, 26 November 2021

How About 'Errr, No, Melanie'..?

The education system needs to be “torn down and rebuilt”...

Amen! it can better support those who are autistic...

Wait, what? Which wackademic has been spouting this nonsense? 

...the TV presenter Melanie Sykes has said.


Discussing her recent diagnosis at the age of 51, which she announced earlier this week, Sykes reflected on the struggles she has faced throughout her youth and career, some of which she had previously put down to being northern and a “straight talker”.

Most 'straight talking Northerners' that I know wouldn't be whining at the age of 51 about how awful their schooldays were... 

“I left school at 15, and I just thought I was less mature than the others, but I now know the education system wasn’t set up in a way that I was able to function there. It crowbars you into a certain way of thinking and being, and if you don’t fit the bill you get left behind. That’s why we need to tear down the education system and rebuild it, so it suits everyone.”

Which is pretty impossible to ever achieve, as a few seconds thought would have told you. 

She says she’s keen to use her profile to incite change: “My activism has massively kicked in.”

Well, with a stellar profile like that, you're bound to ... err... what have you done, exactly? 


  1. Does this mean that instead of being governed by halfwits, we'd be governed by autistics?
    Plus ça change?

  2. The autistic people's activist group have been very busy lately. I glanced at an article in the Manchester Evening News recently, there is outrage (really?) about a Christmas jumper on sale which bears an image of a melting snowman with the words "I'm having a meltdown". This, they say, is disrespectful to autistic people, and the offending item must be removed from sale.

    1. Oh, yes, saw that on Twitter. I'd say it's not worth pitching a fit over, but the epileptics would be on my back!


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