Tuesday, 21 September 2021

The gutlessness is the most dispiriting part

It's a risk running this, so let's do it and see:

As they point out in the footage, it's not just the gutlessness of the corrupt union bosses but also the gutlessness of Plod who are happy attacking old ladies and pepper spraying them, now let's see Plod charge at the construction workers.

Pretty obvious that one of the goals is to have people despising and fearing police who display the same lack of humanity as Them themselves, because once Plod are no longer effective, it's a lawless land, innit?  

And thus they can send in troops from their bunkers and there's a Kent State or Tiananmen Square.

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  1. No 'woke' men there! just (IMHO) true Aussies!
    Is this why governments have been targetting the working classes?
    closing pubs?
    putting as many as possible on state benefits,
    thus removing communal loyalty?
    Armed police (militia) using weapons on ordinary people?
    Is this what we've got to look forward to?

    Ian J


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