Saturday, 25 September 2021

Saturday Morning Live

There's a character I didn't know a lot about but in the last few days, his name has come into focus - Norm McDonald. Wondered why and then looked at Wiki.  Ah, I see.

Anyway, we have an asset over at 'our place' across the way who's as much of a phenomenon, a bona fide southern belle [I've seen photos] as this Norm was a real problem for left-liberals.  For English sensibilities, he seems pretty obvious but that's before you stop and think through what he was actually doing.  Before going any further, two YTs and the question being grappled with is why he was shut out of SNL and finally out of the Woke scene altogether:

It's pretty obvious, no, why he couldn't be kept on after those.  These comedians exist, I call them true comedians, including such people as George Carlin and I got him wrong myself at one stage - it's the ability to laugh at both sides, especially your own.  How many can?

These people are unherdable, can't be controlled, they're subversive, not always funny - there'll always be someone they leave cold, esp. the target, and they say what needs saying - what people are actually thinking at the time.  It needs courage and also a 'couldn't give a F' attitude, otherwise it loses all bite.

He had that, so did Carlin, so did Ricky Getvais at that awards ceremony.  So-called comedians like Jimmy Carr don't have it.  Another which lost all cred was Spitting Image over here. During the Thatcher era, quite funny, often, and then in came Blair and I for one was looking forward to wicked takedowns and satire.

Spitting Image was cancelled.  The left simply cannot laugh at itself or as it's now known - the far left global Woke.  In fact, comedy itself is now at a very interesting crossroads.  With two sides literally not able to stand one another in any shape or form, N.O. had a visit a couple of days ago from the other side - one Samantha she called herself- I did not fully engage and waited to see how it went down.

How would George Carlin fare today in a mixed sudience?  Hmmmm.  Anyway, RIP Norm McDonald.

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