Monday, 20 September 2021

Here's Who You Were Clapping For, NHS Worshippers...

James Peter Farthing, 28, spoke to the 'teenager' on messaging service Kik - under the username 'olderc**k' - as well as on Snapchat.
The junior doctor, who worked for the NHS in Stockport, asked to see photographs of her body and shared an image of penis.
The account was actually being run by an undercover police officer and Farthing was later arrested for attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child.

Well, you know what they say about the Internet... 

However, today he walked free from Minshull Street Crown Court after being handed a suspended sentence.

Errr, OK, even for Minshull Street, that's excessively lenient. Are we that short iof doctors? 

Lawyers mitigating for Farthing, said he had been juggling working long hours during the pandemic, his wife's health condition and his training.
They said he had 'emotional struggles', had been watching pornography and smoking cannabis at the time - but that he was working to address his issues.

So a doctor thinks that the best way to cope with stress is smoke illegal drugs and watch obscene material? Boy, if this creature ever finishes its training, I hope someone oversees what prescriptions it writes! 

His supervisor - a consultant - and training programme director provided statements to the court.
Staff and patients 'all expressed shock' after Farthing was arrested, the court heard, as people thought he had a good 'moral compass'.
Mr Gurney said they 'stand by him' because they acknowledge his remorse.

People thought the world of Harold Shipman too... 

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  1. " I hope someone oversees what prescriptions it writes!"

    I hope it goes to prescribe overseas.


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