Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Why does it take people so long?

One of the most galling things is when various people tumble to what's going on and understand that those people supposedly in your political camp are in fact anything but.

The enemies of conservatism in the old sense [small c, classic liberal] can see through a Cameron or Johnson immediately but it's far harder to see through your own:

That Delingpole and Kathy Gyngell have now woken up 15 years late is a blessing in one way I suppose but why did it take so, so long?  We knew Cameron was no conservative in 2007 [see my posts from that time].  We knew Johnson was a global cabalist because of the moniker One Nation Conservative, all capitalised. We knew May was bad news, no one should have voted Tory last time, they should have voted TBP and would have if Farage had not fallen for the lies.

And it's not as if it's only in the UK.  Downunder, Tony Abbott was shafted after his boat people policy and the creepiest of the creeps came in after that, only to be replaced with worse now.  There was no accident here to the Corbyn scare, the SNP scare, all the other scares.

In the US, on the very platform where Trump gave his acceptance speech, I saw the camera on Pence and Ryan and they were exchanging sly grins.  I blogged on it at the time.  How come I could see it but it took America to January 6th this years to see it?  And half of America still doesn't?

Why is it taking people so long to wake up to the graphene [oxide] jabs* and the massive pressure to go door to door, unprecedented in Britain in this era, why can't people see what we've been blogging on for a year and a half now?

There've been so many bloggers who've been calling Westminster Uniparty for so long, who said that Johnson's Brexit was not - it was WA2 and WA3.  Richard Tice saw it and posted on it.  Why?  Why does it take people so long?


1. About the graphene oxide itself*.  It was shown to be in the Pfizer, the AZ and Moderna.  Now if you go to the patents, it’s not listed and that’s the whole point. Not listed, which the vaxx and passport nazis leapt on as proof, plus so-called counter-studies, again only by the other side, the cabal/NHS side.  They’re lying, as was demonstrated by the Spanish team, plus further cross-checking.

It’s a pity that I mentioned that alone because there is so much else wrong with the jab as well. The GO is but one part of the whole cv-mask-lockdown-vaxx-passport scam we've been on for a year now. Forget the 5G things at this point, also any other wild false flags designed to muddy the waters - stick to the independent studies when they manage to get out, it was in the original Chinese variant by the way.

2. Now, as for the main criticisms of the poisoned jab, this was a good summary:

Key lines: 

> So, now, does the vaccine work, and why is COVID and its variants killing people still? Simply put, as your body is introduced to more and more COVID virus (or vaccines) your body begins building a larger and larger reservoir of very harmful S1 presenting Non-Classical Monocytes, that will eventually kill you. 

So, if you had COVID, you have a reservoir already. If you get the vax, now you have even more. If you get a second vax, or encounter people with COVID, you get even more and more, until you die, unless you do something to induce apoptosis in your Non-Classical Monocytes. 

> So yes, the vaccine is not useless, it does immunize people against COVID, but it destroys their immune system by creating a reservoir of S1 protein presenting Non-Classical Monocytes that reduce the body's ability to produce antibodies to fight off future COVID infection. If you induce apoptosis in your monocytes, then the vaccine works, and is not overly dangerous. 

As it is right now, the vaccine is immunizing people against COVID, but then putting their body in a state that it can't fight off COVID, as well as many other pathogens. In addition, the vaccine can kill you, either immediately (via blood clotting), or long term via your reservoir of S1 presenting Monocytes. 

But COVID can do the latter if you are exposed to enough viral load, even over months or years.

3.  Why did I remove all three comments, inc. my own?  

Because there is a situation right now of two diametrically opposed camps - the govt and cabal camp with its trolls, Gates/Fauci/Whitty/WHO etc. which is cooking the figures and uttering bullsh, then the dissident camp, anti Woke, anti Great Reset which has various contributors under fire, being suppressed.  

Not sure if readers realise but there’s online censorship going on. A good strategy to get to what is true and what is bullsh is to look at which is being feted by govt, by the Johnsons, Blairs etc., and which view is suppressed.  That should give you a good, clear indicator.

The reason I shall not waste any more time on this is that the two sides are so diametrically opposed, so polarised, that all the govt/cabal side does is gainsay, minus any independent backup. Thus we get into a did-did not-did-did not-did did did situation which I'm simply not going to waste my time on.

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