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There is disingenuous mendacity going on here by the movers and shakers

This particular malfeasance on the question of vaxxes relies on various things happening at the same time, not in isolation:

- Clandestine behaviour abrogating responsibility such as the Nuremberg Code which demands full and fair disclosure to any patient, also violation of the Hippocratic Oath - in short, evidence that the medical profession is not working with the best interests of the patient in mind [which is supported by evidence as we get into the tech side below].

- A massive campaign of what are essentially lies both within the medical experimentation but also in many other areas of civil rights at the same time, such that being able to state what you have found without repercussions is no longer possible - taken off platforms, prosecuted, suicided - the scope of the initial lie and then the subsequent, consequent lies becoming a veritable tsunami.

- Massive attacks on the reputations of those not expressing 'contrary opinions' as such but rather those 'finding out' the truth of matters, stating contrary facts. And that is a chasm of difference. One of the prime weapons of those pushing the Reset are that people must form adversarial camps, each with its clashing dogma but the global governance's official leafleting is 'for your benefit and protection', slick saturation advertising across all media, whilst any whistleblowers are isolated, dangerous people requiring prosecution to the fullest extent of the law ... and beyond.

- Proof of that is in the anti-lockdown and anti vaxx passport demonstrations right at this time in many countries, esp. in France, never reported, except disparagingly, by the MSM and much of the population not even knowing what MSM is, still getting their daily reality from the same old rags and TV stations they always go back to - people like Adam Boulton, Cathy Newman, Rachel Maddow and thousands of others. Plus woefully wrong talkback radio reinforcing the falsehoods.  As factored in.

- And that is the basis of my deletion of three comments under my previous post, no one else's. Where trying to establish something requires the type of sheer work we do not have time for, such that you're about to see, but for trolls to then casually stroll in and attempt to negate all that work others have undertaken at great personal risk - that's something up with which we shall not put. 

- There is no risk for a troll coming in and reasserting the govt line.  All the risk is on the side of those expressing the contrary, and not a contrary 'opinion' either but showing evidence that a lie is being rolled out.

-  There's a cleverness to the whole globally organised rollout, which includes some very slick moves - I'm not speaking of commenters on blogs here but about the main drivers of this whole Reset.  

The sheer weight of work done to get a message out over a period of years, the sheer volume of print, is negated in one terse trolling monent?  Second word is Off.  The troll need only come in and assert that the opposite of the truth is 'demonstrably so', minus any backup and assert that the work of years is 'confirmation bias'.  No need to provide any evidence because he knows:

  • no one will investigate, they wait to be told
  • no one has the tech expertise to contradict
  • there are real penalties for contradicting something 'officially' mandated.

- In this context, Vox Day explained it at his site long ago that SJWs first of all lie, they also project and then they double down.  Goes for the whole cabalistic Wokerati.

The 'projection' employed here in the vaxx scam is that we are merely 'conspiracy theorists' who suffer from 'confirmation bias'.  And they say that, all the while knowing that the real nutters are anyone but us.  The nutter is the one trying to kill others, to harm them.

- Massive worldwide rollout makes it far easier to prevent understanding through the language barrier, even in cultural terms within English [such as 'malfeasance', which turns people away on cultural grounds]. 

- That rollout itself - it's sheer vehemence, it's comprehensive nature where officers are sent door to door to assure mandated compliance - what sort of a person does not see alarm bells, red flags there?  

- What sort of a person does not ask why is there such maniacal, Hancockian, Faucian pressure on all people, based on conflicting narratives resulting in bodies like the CDC and WHO backtracking?

- And if you don't know of that going on, why not? 

-  The targetted individuals at the start are always the soft targets, the least able to resist pressure on them - the elderly and vulnerable in this case, on the grounds that without this jab, they stand a good chance of dying.  The group which is currently pushing back strongest are the 16-21 years olds who, far from being compliant when it comes to their own lives, suddenly abandon SJW wokery and have to be bribed by govts to overcome 'hesitancy'. The very cynicism in the move should give sane people cause for alarm.

- The very word 'hesitancy' is a weasel word in itself.  It is not ‘hesitancy’, it is flat refusal.  Now, tell me why my neighbour in his mid 20s flatly refuses and yet the supposedly sage elderly comply in droves?  Part of the answer to that is that one is tech savvy and knows the social media where they can find things out, whilst the other uses it but is hardly tech savvy.

- In short, the targetted, for the rollers-out of this thing, need to be the unread - the scope of the sheer mass of technology requires studying with an open mind but there are very few people without preconceived ideas on it and those preconceived ideas are generally formed through what the MSM tells them in its 'learned' faux discussions, plus workplace pressure [loss of job] and/or loss of freedom to go out, enjoy normal life and so on.

-  One place where you will find the opposite kind - those willing to learn if something is untoward or not - is at sites such as OoL ... or you should find them there.  Because the very nature of OoL is that it defends freedom.  That’s its prime directive.  Mandated vaxxes are NOT freedom.  That's before we even get to the nature of the lie itself.

The nature of the lie itself

Leaving aside that the Cv was never isolated because it was a hybrid which is ever mutating, requiring 6 month boosters and new variants all the time, leaving aside that the case against masks still stands, leaving aside lockdowns, leaving aside vaxx passports, we need only zero in today, this morning, on the vaxx in itself to establish malfeasance by persons who will become apparent as we go on.

It's essential people understand the sheer 'cleverness' of the entire Great Reset - from Event 201 to Johnson's meeting with the Bof E before the rollout began, to the rapidity of the vaxx rollouts in response. Fauci himself is on record pro HCQ before the theatre began and Ivermectin was asked of a Canadian provincial governor point blank - he got up and left the meeting. Does this not say anything at all to people?  No?

There are two sources which get to the nub of this thing about graphene oxide and remember, this is just one of many criticisms, it's not the one and only.

The Spanish group was La Quinta Columa but I'm running the second of these links instead - the American show which publicised it - because it does not rely on a translation of the other language in captions - it's in English as it is and the lady exploring the thing is there to answer for herself [Karen Kingston].

His attitude throughout is to ask her conclusions, she refuses to be drawn on that. It starts about 1:29 - 2:23 and both his stance and her credentials are shown during that time frame.  

At 2:43 - is graphene oxide in these shots?  Her answer - 100%.  She backs this up as we go along. 

A couple of notes.

- If you approach this open minded, not preconceived and dismissive, then you will see, among other things, the graphic below which it would be nice to have in perectly laid out printed form but we don't.

- However, it is possible to read it if your system there allows an image to magnify.  I've put it through increased contrast and sharpening but it will still require blowing up to read.  Once you can read it, it's straightforward after that.

Again - this requires you to enlarge it on your system:

3:35 - graphene oxide is not listed in the patent [though discussed as you saw in the application] and this becomes a crucial point for our case, rather than against it.  Be patient, bear with this.

Why was it not mentioned in the western patent listing?  Because of its implications for humans and because it is the main ingredient in hydrogel.

5:00 - she says the connectivity is not possible at this stage, these are the first rushed out doses, still experimental.

Once more, you need to be able to enlarge this shot in order to read it - if you can't do that, then you do not see what it says:

She then explains the chart.

6 minute mark roughly - mRNA is unstable in itself, requires a vehicle which will protect it from breaking down - hence the four lipids, including the PEGellated lipid.

Who makes the PEGellated?  This company:

7:30 - Sino refers to Chinese.  Now the crux - Moderna's filing lists numbers associated with the lipids, as does Pfizer's with the UK [where we come in].  So there's a letter number combination at all points which can be researched itself, not by name.

Note - research by letter number, not by names such as lipid or graphene, which can be blocked in searches.

8:57 - And here was what appeared:

NOW do you see, ladies and gentlemen, that my deleting of three comments yesterday, far from being a fit of pique on Higham's part, far from censorship, was complying with he site policy that we only retain the factually correct.  Anyone can err, and we do, but our policy is to correct error.

If you look even at the little we’ve covered so far - and it gets far worse - then at a minimum, there is omission of detail in the patents … which detail?  

The very detail which the clever know would cause mass consternation.  And even including it here this morning threatens OoL.  At a minimum.

Because what I am saying here, which is essentially what Karen Kingston is explaining, is that someone up there made the decision to misinform the public. Not necessarily at the point of filing for patents because there's this thing, as Gates says, called ‘trade secrets’ and that is fair enough … in itself … at that point of patenting.

No, the misinforming comes about when a company then rolls out a vaccine which contains lipids which include GO, even in miniscule, charge-neutralised form.  

And as she says, it is vastly more powerful as a 'way clearer' than any other means - that’s why they use it.  

So in the same breath, what is being said here is that the vaxx IS effective in its initial task, as conceded yesterday in the addendum but that this stuff, the GO, does not stop there. It literally clears a path through organs, cells etc. 

And now look at whom they rolled it out for - for expectant mothers!!  Now stop and think that one through, the level of moral responsibility of those nursing staff who did it, who complied.

9:15 - other vaccines involved outside the States.  What Sinopeg stated in that graphic is that GO is a potential conductor of electricity.  If it gets a positive charge, then it 'annihilates' anything it comes into contact with.  

At the moment it is NOT positively charged by virtue of the other lipids which modify and balance the conducting of the mRNA.

Let's stop one moment and look at that again.  At the moment, the GO in the vaxx does not have a positive charge.  But of course, who is in charge of which lipids are used in which proportion and in conjunction?  Who is the head honcho who makes that decision? Are you starting to see what's happening here?

Given also the volatile nature of the mutating strains.  

And also looking at the almost obscene mandated rollout, where you can go to a tent to have this stuff put ito you, you can go to any centre not unlike an ice cream van and have it whenever you want.

At 10:25, he steps in and says it's apparent to him that 'they're lying to the world'.  He's brought in the 'moral dimension'.  Just how moral was it to adopt this vaxx composition and roll it out aggressively, crushing any dissent by all means possible, when all it takes is a magnetic field where the mRNA eventually ends up - cells, organs - and where, if that happens, then the person sustains damage or dies, also taking other complications like heart disease into consideration.

And at N.O., we’ve posted various examples of understating the adverse reactions, even to one healthy man’s body being essentially mush when he died.

Let alone the way normal health care and operations people need the NHS for are now postponed, on a waiting list, in order to roll out and concentrate only on the vaxx - that's all the NHS is interested in, employing banks of receptionists.  

Just think about that aspect alone for one moment, even if you've been pro-vaxx till now.  And why are you?  Because the ads all say 'stay safe, protect your family, get the vaxx'.

Do you see any disconnect whatever here, between the massive campaign and the reality of this vaxx?  Let alone the potential to activate the conductivity part of it?

Let's go further - what does the state use as arbiters of correctness!  It uses misnamed 'Fact Checkers', does it not?  Talk about misnomer.  And of course, they call the presenter of this show and Karen Kingston both nutters, bent on nefarious ends. You do see what's going down here.

She never said she was an epidemiologist, she is a ferreter of precisely the type of thing that has been hidden.  She is an investigative reporter within the medical field.  All the great whistleblowing - Manning, Assange, Ellsberg - who have these people been?  They've been people inside have they not, they've been Dr. Malones who have now 'gone rogue'.

Now, I'm going to stop short here, and for good reason, so as not to go into the AI applications, 5G, the current non-cash rollout by Big Tech and Big Pharma combined.  It's sufficient at this stage to simply say that whoever has rolled this vaxx out has been either disingenuous or else incompetent to the point of dereliction.

Second question - why has Conservative Woman changed the name of her blog?

Third question - why did the N.O. ferreters not come in yesterday to refute the statement that there was no graphene oxide in the mix?  Answer - they didn't know about it, I never mentioned it at N.O.  But I am today.

And what of the sophistry which says there is no graphene per se?  Because that's technically true.  It's graphene oxide.  Do you see how nitpicking that is for the average person who knows nothing of these things?  

For none of the three parties yesterday to make that clear meant that the only way to fulfil the site policy of factuality was to remove all three inaccurate comments, including mine.

By the way, in passing:

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