Friday, 23 July 2021

Valuing Everyone...

...except those damned heretics who won't bend the knee!
Three peers face being banned from using House of Lords bars and restaurants after refusing to take a controversial sexual harassment course.
Former Tory party treasurer Lord Kalms, Lord James and Lord Willoughby will lose access to Lords' facilities, and will be only allowed to communicate with staff by email, after refusing to take part in 'Valuing Everyone' training.

Good for them for sticking to their guns,. Unlike others. 

Former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine called the training a 'shocking waste of taxpayer money' after completing it to avoid punishment.

What a craven example to set. Typical of Hestletime, who clearly values subsidised food over principle. 

Challenge Consultancy has pocketed £885,354 for running the course across the Commons and Lords, a Parliament spokesman said.

You'll note that attendance for MPs was made voluntary instead of compulsory. Because they knew they'd all turn up anyway? 

The peers will only get the access back if they agree to the training, which Lord James, 83, who previously advised George Osborne, argued is an infringement on freedom of speech.
Hereditary peer Lord Willoughby, 82, said the training was 'misguided' and amounted to 'virtue signalling'. He told the committee: 'The idea that we should be trained to value everyone is wholly misguided.
'However much training I get, I will never value everyone; as an example, I will never be able to value murderous terrorists, however many re-education or self-criticism camps I am required to attend.'

Well said! 

Lord Stanley Kalms, 89, who ran electronics retailer Dixons, said: 'During that period I was at the forefront of female equal rights and pay well ahead of legalisation.'

To demand that they now turn up for a hugely expensive Two Minute Indoctrination is repulsive. 


  1. “ What a craven example to set. Typical of Hestletime, who clearly values subsidised food over principle.”

    In one.

  2. I was required (on penalty of dismissal) to attend such a course run by the NHS annually.

    I chose to work to rule, ‘faithfully observe and abide’ by the explicitly defined ‘verboten’ behaviours, and to report, and officially document, every single instance of such in others – as required. Amazingly >95% of said ‘unwanted touching’, ‘suggestive language’, etc, was … performed by women towards men (and the rest was women to women).

    The response (predictably) was “But, but … we didn’t mean by women (and especially not gays)”, followed by my no longer being required to attend (although I suspect ‘making the consultant cry by pointing out her hypocrisy in public’ may have something to do with it too).

    As they say, “Make them live up to their own rules”.

    Sexual harassment, as well as racial ‘sensitivity’, training is nothing more than yet another ‘jobs for the girls’, a means of extorting monies, and a way of fulfilling ‘quotas’ by placing the unemployed and unemployable in jobs unrelated to the actual core business (why else do you think HR is such a cesspit).


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