Saturday, 24 July 2021

Quite fishy, all this

It is possible to get fish from the wild for our table but one has to pay for it, for example through schemes which make it worth their while.  Nothing wrong with that on principle and the money is not the issue if we want quality but these 'luncheon boxes' are not my 'thang'.

The alternative though is horrendous, literally sickening, and it explains why so cheapo in supermarkets and even in shops which should know better.  If I don't want the new Thalidomide poison inside me, then why on earth would I want chemically toxic, physically ill salmon either?

There's another issue and that's Greenies themselves.  You see, while we've always had conservationists on our side of politics, people who husband the land and look after it as they go, e.g. burning off on the NY Moors, standard things from ages ago, there's also this other lot, isn't there - the Tatchell and Bill Ayers types, and their net effect on the community is that of a giant turnoff.

Take Extinction Rebellion for example, who con people with their 'for people and planet' bollox when in fact they're just a collection of violent yobs who occupy bridges and ensure the billions in cash keep pouring into the cabal's coffers to the detriment of our species.  But let's get more specific on the fishy side of things:

John M de France or DAD is a regular here at OoL and he left some commentary which it's worth having a gander at:

"For eight years in the 70s, I worked in the Scottish Marine Biological Association (SMBA) lab in Dunstaffnage, Argyle where a PhD student was doing work on fish farming of trout. From time to time a certain number were culled and passed to the canteen to be cooked for our lunches. The staff enjoyed them, free of charge. 

After the third or fourth time I asked why the flesh of these trout was always white and not the usual pink colour. The answer was that natural growing trout eat certain things which colour the flesh (I forget the details). 

Then came the 'blow', as I was told that during the last few weeks, farmed trout were starved and then fed food with a red dye in it. This promoted the 'healthy looking' pink flesh. I presume that farmed salmon are similarly treated.

Since I left, the laboratory has expanded and is now named Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS)."

You see, I can be dead against these criminal clowns for good reason but as for the actual fish - well, my view is different, innit?  Yes, I need to eat but I do not wish to eat sick animals.  Sorry, finicky point maybe, but there it is.

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