Monday, 14 June 2021

Why Must We Remove Freedom From Everyone...

...simply to prevent a small sector of society from abusing it?

A move to outlaw weddings for under-18s was backed by senior Tories yesterday.
The right to marry at the age of 16 is a loophole that should go because it encourages child abuse and exploitation, former chancellor Sajid Javid said.

Both of which are against the law. Is this so widespread? Well... 

Mr Javid, who comes from a Pakistani background, said: ‘I’ve seen this myself in the community I was raised in, young girls expected to enter into marriage far before they were ready to with painful consequences. Let’s call this what it is: Child abuse.’

Yes, let's! And let's see some action against it that doesn't affect the existing rights of the majority population, shall we? 

Academic and author on family law Patricia Morgan acknowledged the ‘problem of attitudes to women in some communities’ that see girls marry young, but added: ‘This is a very minor issue. It affects only a very small number of people. I am surprised ministers think it is worth the time and effort.’

Sadly, I'm not. It has the hallmarks of modern Toryism all over it. Ignore the elephas maxima in the room and find some way of looking to be doing something without actually pointing fingers.  


  1. This suggestion comes at a time when the number of women not bothering to get married before having children is rising. In any case, the usual suspects will get round this law by 'going on holiday to see the family in Pakistan'. It will then be interesting to see if these marriages are recognised in the UK.

  2. Have to let them vote though

  3. This collective punishment has been around for some time. It is because weak leaders don't want to have to do much. here is an issue. This fixes this issue but impacts well beyond the original scope but they don't have to write so many words to exclude what doesn't need touched and they can't be accused of picking on a specific group either as everyone is targeted. Like using a nuke to get a bad guy. It got him.


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