Saturday, 12 June 2021

The disconnect between the people and the criminal machine

The embarrassing bollox of fawning Johnson and coup figurehead Biden, legitimised by the MSM and lapped up by Woke sheeple worldwide is not a spectacle I’ll devote any column inches to.

Meanwhile, without the billions of dollars/pounds those faceless crims are pouring in to prop up this travesty, ordinary people, at least in the States, are trying to pour dimes in to stem this tide:

There are many reasons ordinary people do not rise and one is, “Who will bell the cat?”  There is no real mechanism available.  Not sure if you’re aware that there is a recall mechanism in Russia - yep, vilified Russia, similar to the States but of course - just try to activate it!  We saw numerous examples locally, nothing nationally or republic by republic.

“Lack of political will”, the killing off of any “leadership” as it pokes its head above the parapet, the pouring in of obscene amounts of money to propagate and maintain the fraud, the failure of people in general to see through the bollox but having seen, keeping quiet about it and hoping someone else will start something rolling … this is different either side of the pond and even the channel.

We’re just a blog here, with a certain degree of traffic, not miniscule, but a drop in the ocean nationally, and why are we so isolated like this?  Who else is there?  Over here - Conservative Woman, the Slog, maybe a thousand others nationally?  My tinfoil hat reputation and seemingly nasty character a major downer?  Let’s talk realpolitik here.

Look at the tenuous nature of my being online - BT line [snip, snap, remotely or the wire attached to the house], whoever controls satellites, up to, in the final analysis - the host of this site.  Self hosted is scarcely better, with the two major platforms what they are.  Then the operating system bottlenecks.

One one level I’m not moaning as I know where this thing is.  Money for Mindy [see the article at the end of the link] is noble and commendable … how far will she get?  In which states and in which counties in those states?  Where are the big hitters coming into back these ladies?  Is it tinfoil hat kookery they want or just a demand that a corrupt governor does his bleedin’ job he was elected to?

And why should that cost, personally, on top of taxes paid?  As if people are in any position to do so?  The political will is not there, the resources.  Over here, I would put some of my own money in as a percentage of the incoming trickle, but where’s the focal point to back?  In the States, the Donald needed to be early to mid-60s in age - where are such “leaders”?  Where?  It’s always needed a focal point, someone to call to arms.

What’s it going to take?

Just where are the thousands of potential men leading the charge?  Where are they?  Do Gen X and older Millennials actually want this farce?


  1. Apart from Conservative stalwarts such as Gateway Pundit, Epoch Times and a very few more, the audit, along with the very fact that it is happening, is blanked, ignored and minimised by ALL the MSM, Cable and Syndicated -Broadcasts nationwide in America. Ever heard of a mention on any British TV Channel or -newspaper website?

    1. There are very real things happening to the common people, Grandpa, we've just seen Blackrock buying up residential homes en masse as well.


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