Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Close, Hugh, But No Cigar...

Hugh Muir in the 'Guardian':
One could dismiss this as a football terraces thing, but I suspect it is the sharp end of something that’s happening more widely in society. I think we have reached the point in the race in Britain debate where a section of white establishment Britain is saying: “That’s it. We have heard your plight and George Floyd was terrible and yes, perhaps you do need a few more jobs and we can do that, but you keep going on about it and you are making us feel responsible and uncomfortable: we have heard you, but we have heard enough.”
Well, no, Hugh. 

It's more a case of: “That’s it. We have heard your constant whining about your supposed awful life in this country and how you are 'in pain' for the not-untimely death of yet another member of your wretched 'community' across the pond who spent his time on earth preying mostly on you, and we are just about reaching saturation point; if you don't like the way we run our country, you're free to leave, and frankly, we'd be happy to see the back of you.” 
Six months ago the pollsters Opinium asked people what they thought about BLM and were told that 55% of adults polled believed BLM had increased racial tension.

One wonders just what the other 45% think - surely it can't be that they've decreased it?!? 


  1. I prefer this second version:

    “ It's more a case of: “That’s it. We have heard …”

  2. According to Google, in 1823 the minimum age for marriage in England was 14 for boys and 12 for girls. In 1929 it was raised to 16 for both sexes. And there it remains. But this morning's Today programme had a lengthy piece about how the minimum age for marriage MUST be raised to 18 in order to deal with the PROBLEM of under-18 girls being forced into marriage (even as young as 15!) with much older men. When I were a lad, that was never a problem. I wonder what might have changed?


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