Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Don't Try And Tell Me 'It's Not The Parent's Fault!'...

...especially in this particular case:
Nicola Leighton, 36, allegedly drove her son, Tyreese Ulysses, 19, and three other youths to the scene of the killing, a court heard.
Armed with machetes, the four teenagers allegedly stabbed 17-year-old Levi Ernest-Morrison to death.
The killing, in Hazel Grove, Syndenham, on April 10 is said to have been a “pre-planned” attack.

Mommie dearest as your getaway driver. That's pretty gangster, isn't it? 

Leighton, of Sydenham, Ulysses, of nearby Catford, and three youths, aged 14, 15, and 17, have been charged with Levi’s murder.

Usually with these street killings, the cry goes up 'What hope have the parents got..?' 

Imran Mirza, whose 19-year-old son Mohammed was fatally stabbed in Ilford in 2019, said: “Nothing has changed since my son died and if anything things are worse. These boys are becoming desensitised to violence. In the schools they need to teach them some humanity at an early age… The kids are living in fear, more action is need at all levels.”

If you're relying on schools to teach the basics of being human, rather than reading, writing and sums, you failed as a parent from the moment of conception. 


  1. The don't even manage the three R's which is their base task so what is the point of adding something that is a lot more challenging.

  2. You can't 'stab' someone with a machete. They don't usually have a point, because they're not intended to be used like that....


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