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False 'Science' and coercion on those calling it out


What is obviously needed for each of us who now see is for a simple summary of the case which we can carry on paper or iphone and bring out once someone starts a discussion or questioning - inc. your doctor.


If we're not agreed on the same sources, then we're not even on the same page to start with. Someone can start pontificating at me using Ferguson/Fauci, the govt, the MSM *1 and quoting all sorts of MSM printed stats and announcements, various charts but if they are narrative serving *2 then they are useless.  This post, just as with the Barrington Declaration *2, attempts to redress the skewed balance.

Bona fides

On social and mainstream media, 'experts' are continually prefacing their names with 'Doctor', when in fact so many ar of the narrative and are doctors of philosophy, not medicos in the field. Those saying anything remotely aligned with Barrington are of course debunked and mocked. Robert Hodgkinson, whose speech was brought to us by our reader/correspondent Ripper, opens with his own bona fides, best heard in full in the speech.

Medical specialist of decades in pathology, laboratory accredited inspector of pathologists, public health advocacy for ASH *3 Claims to not be an anti- vaxxer, 'conspiracy theorist', believes in EBM *3

His speech is abridged below - please check it against the actual speech to decide if it is faithful to what he said.  Here tis:

[There's been] gross intrusion of govt into health matters that could have been perfectly well managed by adults, as was the case with all recent pandemics.  The degree of this govt's [Alberta's] overreach has resulted in the most profound fear and utterly unwarranted loss of personal freedoms ever witnessed in Alberta. *6

In essence, public health is the practice of medicine at the societal level and it should follow standard medical ethics where every act is performed for good reason, no different [to] the obligation of the individual physician to his/her patient.

Society is in fact the patient of the chief medial officer of health *3

He mentions the hippocratic oath *4 

The harmful consequences are, by any measure, grotesquely disproportional to any of the purported benefits. The cure is far worse than the disease. 

The mandated interventions should have been supported, at the very least, by a consensus in EBM *3 that they would be successful, not in isolation.  However, all the measures currently being undertaken, inc. masks, social distancing and closures of all kinds have no consensus for effectiveness in the medical literature and in fact, the weight of evidence is against these measures. *6

Masks are, you might say, the very face of this issue - very visible evidence of compliance.  The various mandates can only be perceived as arbitrary, kneejerk reactions for politicians to convince the general public that they are 'doing something'.  

But politics playing medicine is a very dangerous game and as it's being played out in this province [Alberta], shows no signs of abating.

Politicians must get their heads around the fact that *3 in 2021, medicine is impotent in controlling the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic in the general population.  The genie is out of the bottle ... and we must *3 *6 accept common sense accommodation as per the Great Barrington declaration *2 as the only viable approach. Nothing works to control the spread of this virus.

Life should not have changed one iota except for enhanced protection of the vulnerable.  Focused protection.  Lockdowns are the biggest mistake ever made in public health.  Trying to protect the 'working well' [those feeling well and also working] with very low chance of death by shutting down the economy is obviously ridiculously naive.

Risk of death for asymptomatic people who feel no different today to yesterday - risk of death for this population was 1to15K.  Does that warrant shutting down an economy that's already tanking? *6

The strength of a public health system is only as good as the strength of the economy supporting it.  

Fear and hysteria over covid is being maintained by two principle drivers:

1. Brutal international silencing of all counter-opinions *6 whether from politicians, journalists or physicians;

2. Asymptomatic testing which is not only useless because of countless false positives, but counterproductive because it drives ongoing public  hysteria.

Public hysteria is being used by politicians to double-down [reiterate forcefully] on mandates known to be ineffective. If one mask isn't working today, we recommend two to ten next week.

He attributes this to:

1.  Failure of due diligence from the get-go on the absurd computer modelling by Dr Neil Ferguson at Imperial College London.  That became the predicate for all the similar responses [around the world]. *6

2.  Failure to warn the public that there was NO consensus in the medical literature for any of the draconian restrictions so arbitrarily introduced.

3.  Failure to report to the general public the cumulative adverse consequences of intervention on general health care, dying relatives, funerals weddings, church services school closures, graduation and thousands of small business bankruptcies *14

4.  Failure to halt the testing of asymptomatic people.

5.  Failure to produced detailed statistical reporting ... about the actual degree of risk of Covid [in that 'not greatly at risk' demographic] and that variants are nothing to fear.

6.  Failure to classify deaths appropriately  The vulnerable population with co-morbidities which happened to be positive at the time of their death are being classified as deaths directly DUE TO Covid.   That is statistical sleight of hand. Dying WITH Covid is not the same as dying OF Covid. *6

7.  Failure to promote the lifesaving [ability] of Vitamin D ... overwhelming evidence of protection.  What was known as the season of coughs and colds is  now being seen as the season of Vitamin D deficiency ... in our skin ... the pandemic will disappear again ... and the [authorities] will say, 'See, we wrestled it to the ground,' to which I say, 'No such thing ... classic fallacy trap.  Just because B follows A does not mean that A caused B.'

8.  Failure to report to the public the inadequacies of PCR testing.  There are no published stats [in Alberta?] regarding false positives by PCR based methods.  False positives have a huge multiplying effect on contact tracing, resulting in many times that number being taken out of the workforce.  [Barrington] states that contact tracing is both useless and counterproductive.

9.  Failure to inform the public that the vaccines are all strictly experimental, lacking the customary 2 to 4 years adverse event trials.*6 by any definition - unsafe.  That is failure of the second important medical ethic - informed consent.  There was no need for a rushed vaccine, given the scale of risk - its use if profoundly reckless, especially with [emerging concerns for] women under 50 and pregnant women.

10.  The 'vaccine' situation has the potential for getting infinitely worse if vaxx passports come into play  Yes, you can refuse if you want but you won't be allowed to travel. 

11.  Failure to balance the loss of freedoms against the scale of threat.  The loss of freedoms are an assault on the very essence of humanity. *5 *6 This is not Ebola.  This is not Sars.  Sweden and Florida illustrate this.

12.  To even debate these questions is stigmatised by govt, the media and professional colleges. *3 *6  The entire population has been intimidated into compliance with the threat of outrageous fines and actual jail for disobedience.  The govt's encouragement for citizens to snitch on each other*6 is reprehensible.

Summary - horrendous personal consequences, all with out any justifiable cause, must end now and never be allowed to happen again. *3 *5 *6

Notes from the above

*1  Wiki: Mainstream media (MSM) is a term and abbreviation used to refer collectively to the various large mass news media that influence many people, and both reflect and shape prevailing currents of thought.[1] The term is used to contrast with alternative media.

The term is often used for large news conglomerates, including newspapers and broadcast media, that underwent successive mergers in many countries. The concentration of media ownership has raised concerns of a homogenization of viewpoints presented to news consumers. 

Consequently, the term mainstream media has been used in conversation and the blogosphere, sometimes in oppositional, pejorative or dismissive senses, in discussion of the mass media and media bias.

*2  Great Barrington Declaration:  first thing to say is do not google this and use that as your source on the BD - you really must go to alternative sources and find it there, untainted or annotated.  https://gbdeclaration.org/view-signatures/  Already, in googling, I have seen the word 'debunked' and who are the debunkers?  The very people pushing the scam. Unless we can get past this point, we are on separate pages.

*3  This worries me about Roger Hodgkinson that he was pro-ASH and pro-EBM.  for the former, see this site [you'll need to ferret]:


... and for the latter, see this:


Roger mentions 'no consensus' in his speech and that is certainly so with these two issues, plus he trots out this 'conspiracy theorist' putdown, one of the many used in place of reasoning - therefore, things he asks in the speech, wide-eyed, we could easily answer for him, were he interested.

*4  He mentions the Hippocratic oath as the first cornerstone of medicine and no argument there. He also needed to mention the Nuremberg Code but would not because he does not follow social media pundits who are 'conspiracy theorists' in his eyes.

The Nuremberg Code (German: N├╝rnberger Kodex) is a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation created by the USA v Brandt court as one result of the Nuremberg trials at the end of the Second World War.

Search engines generally place anti NC items above the strict definition, claiming that the NC is against human experimentation, not 'vaccines'.  Which is an out-and-out lie because these vaccines ARE experimental in the extreme, as mentioned further down in his speech and also in govts now banning the various 'vaccines, e.g. Denmark.

*5  Part of this point he mentioned - that by pursuing ineffective draconian 'solutions', whilst failing to provide OTHER ongoing health care, e.g. cancer screenings and treatment for those at risk, pretending that hospitals are overrun when they are nothing of the kind [see choreographed Tik Tok dancing in wards], Govt in Alberta got it badly wrong, prioritising the containment of Covid over all else.

Trouble is - it's not just Alberta, is it?  Just as with Ferguson's guff, Fauci's and Gates's too [agenda depopulation and money], there is a clear agenda going on here [point 6 below].

The worst aspects of this whole biz on the individual is twofold:

a.  The medical effects of deprivation of sunlight, company, the normal way of living which humans need;

b.  The stress on people of the whole shebang collapsing, crashing, the fear of being snitched on or losing friendships and even family for telling the truth - can you imagine the friendships I've already lost for speaking out.

And this has a massively deteriorating effect on the human being himself or herself under this constant pressure.  As RH said - unnecessary pressure at that. 

I have seen this with vloggers from Robyn Riley, Brittany Selner, tweeter Nathalie in London, through to someone it directly affects - the Code of Vets lady, the grandmother Gretchen Smith.

Quick word about her. She is the public face of an organisation raising money for homeless veterans in the States - no one has called her out for raking off money like the BLM woman - and for this, she is regularly abused and shut down by Twitter.  Now, were she like me for example, politically active and dissident, then there's a case the other side would put that that's a good thing. 

But she's not doing that - she's providing daily relief for US veterans. Do you see the iniquity of this whole coercion upon us?  Many's the time, being a lady who is not in the least mad, that she's wanted to throw the whole thing up.  Don't blame her. The things said to us, the friends who have upped and left - it is numbing.  So methinks one needs to be just a little mad to continue.

*6  Aside from coming down to moneymaking sleaze [e.g. Hancock's family in Britain, plus immense political pressure from above on a vulnerable population, politically, being treated as mushrooms - kept in the dark and fed BS, there is something more, as readers of this site and many other dissident sites know.

And this is the various agendas, UN and other, e.g. the NPCC and the climate scam.  go to site for the climate scam is here:


At a minimum, the debunking of Mann's 'hockey stick' graph should have raised red flags for everyone, rung alarm bells but it did not.  Why not?  Because people's reality is MSM *1 and there it is.  There is no way to un-hardwire a person who is safety first and believes the govt's official medical [CMO] and MSM who continue to pound, pound pound the same things at people, playing on their fears.

Especially, and this is the big 'especially', when it is accompanied by insane coercion upon dissidents who are gathering medical opinion [hence the GBD *2] among others.  We at this site have been coerced, both as a site and individually by health authorities and cold calling centres, I've been shut down or marginalised more times than most have had hot dinners and in fact, I am using the defamation upon us for my own ends, for protection of the site.

So if I have, for example, a friend downunder who flatly rejects all the above, then my response is either silence in the interests of maintaining the friendship, but also because nothing I say or write or point to can change the hardwiring, plus the political landscape has now changed.

Where it was once left versus right, socialism versus free enterprise, it's now global socialism a la UN, the unholy alliance between big biz and govts, the Great Reset and Woke politics ... versus the dissidents.  The interesting thing is the dissidents come from the old left and right, which makes for strange bedfellows at times.

It used to be seen as Statism versus freedom [the underpinning of OoL], Big Orwellian Brother versus the little people.  

The curious thing is that those spouting the AOC climate bollox, plus the Covid bollox and dismissing the above, are at the same time themselves enabling and promoting the World Agenda 21, which requires the population to auto-believe the 'Science' the govt pumps out.  

You see this in mask zealots and vaxx pushers among the population, sometimes called Karens.

Yet at the same time, I know people starting up new businesses [well done for that] who, by supporting this guff, are aiding and abetting the closure of such businesses. As they say in the US - go figure.

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