Thursday, 8 April 2021

Feckless Floyd fanatics should be careful what they wish for


Trouble is - it IS happening and a verdict is coming up sooner or later.  Steve notes in comments at N.O.:

This from Brian R commentating at Guido Fawkes late last night: 

'The lawyer of Morries Hall, Floyd's drug dealer who supplied him and his girlfriend with drugs while in the car has said her client doesn't want to testify in case he incriminated himself and gets charged with 3rd degree murder.



Hall gave Floyd the counterfeit money and was with him in the shop, watching him present the bill. Floyd and Hall gave the police false names and Hall fled the state the next day - now in prison on other charges. 

Looks like the prosecution didn't do due diligence on this one. Motion to dismiss?' 

ibid: 'Morries Hall's words are a virtual admission of responsibility. If he is made to testify and pleads the fifth, the defence will point to him as the actual cause of death, as he was fingered by Floyd's girlfriend, especially if they say that Floyd took the stuff unknowingly (which I doubt but it makes him look a victim of another convicted felon). 

His presence in the court room would give the jury another possible culprit to consider and introduces reasonable doubt into the jury's emotionally manipulated minds.'

Cali Sweetness replying to Brian R, again at Guido fawkes: 

'Floyd was already saying that he couldn’t breathe before he was put in the car, never mind before he was placed on the ground. His breathing difficulties (caused by the effects of the synthetic opioids) had already kicked in at that point. 

At the very worst, his problems were exacerbated by being placed on the ground. That is the only question for the jury. 

How culpable were the police in not recognising fentanyl asphyxiation symptoms and how to deal with them? The micro dosing big tech media kuntz orchestrated a fake version of events within 24 hours of this occurring. Instructions were passed down all through the entertainment and social media industries ( literally). 

People were instructed to post support for the BLM narrative, under threat to their careers. That is the truth. That is literally what happened.'

The issue for that city, for America as a whole and ultimately for all of us, is  that the BLM/Antifa terrorists want fullscale rioting once the inevitable verdict is brought in and that can be seen in two ways.

In principle, I for one am against hidden govt place-thugs smashing things with impunity but the other side of it is it's going to take something special for middle America to rise, start laying into these terrorists and in the wash, MLB and other Wokerati go down with them - Coca cola for example.

So we wait.

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