Friday, 26 February 2021

The Right Stuff..?

European space chiefs have launched their first recruitment drive for new astronauts in 11 years...

Excellent news!  

...with particular emphasis on encouraging women and people with disabilities to join missions to the Moon and, eventually, Mars.

Wait, what? Identity politics in space now...? 

The European Space Agency (ESA) said on Tuesday that it was looking to boost the diversity of its crews as it cavassed for up to 26 permanent and reserve astronauts.

Why? Space exploration is a tough enough job without having the added burden of someone who is potentially weaker than male crewmates, or needs expensive adaptations to perform to the same level.

I mean, what possible reason would you have, other than the PR opportunity? 

Adapting technology that enabled humans to be in space could open the opportunity for people with disabilities, Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti said.
When it comes to space travel, we are all disabled,” Cristoforetti added.

But some will now be more disabled than others. 


  1. Well if the shuttle commander is a Muslim and one of the crew wants to bring a guide dog on board, it could get interesting

  2. I suppose they could just store all the used sanitary towels,bury them when they land, and let them form their own civilisation.

  3. No arms, no legs.
    Simplifies the space suit problem.
    Persons of reduced stature will permit smaller spacecraft and require less food, oxygen and waste storage.
    But the most important thing will be what colour should everything be.

    1. Excellent idea. A midget crew. Dwarves too. Hue and gender diverse of course. ESA could devise a new launch system for them.... a catapult made from trans-knicker elastic.


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