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Friday, June 17, 2011

Hey, wait a minute - not me!

This post is by Julia M.  The author below will be adjusted presently.

My, those chickens are coming to roost pretty fast now. And in numbers:
A black councillor is facing allegations of racial discrimination and aggression over comments he allegedly made about white people.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Lewisham Council’s standards hearing sub-committee will meet on June 16 to discuss the complaint against News Cross Councillor Stephen Padmore.

He is alleged to have broken the council’s code of conduct at a New Cross Assembly meeting he chaired last October.

During a discussion over whether crime should be a priority issue for the assembly, Cllr Padmore is accused of saying he was dismayed that white people had voted against the proposals.

He is then accused of acting in an aggressive manner.
Who expected him to ever fall foul of this legislation?
The sub-committee report concludes the councillor did not breach equality rules but did fail to treat others with respect.
Pretty sure you could get a lot of councillors on that charge, whether black, white or purple-spotted…

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